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Where is the HELM Destiny 2

H.E.L.M. is an abbreviation of Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers. It was added to Destiny 2: Beyond Light as a special area that allows players to approach seasonal content in a streamlined and organized way.


At the time of this writing, activities from Season of the Chosen, Season of the Splicer, and Season of the Lost may all be accessed here, along with their respective reward systems. There are also player amenities and hooks for story missions. If you are a newcomer or coming back to the shooter after a long break, the hub may be difficult for you to find. In this article, we explain how to get to the H.E.L.M. and what you could do while you are there.


Getting to the H.E.L.M.

In-universe, H.E.L.M. is attached to the top of the Tower. That may help account for the confusion, as there is no way for you to get to the hub from the actual Tower location. Instead, you have to use the Director. In the Season of the Chosen, H.E.L.M. could be picked as a travel option within the Tower.


This model was since changed to make H.E.L.M. its own destination, with a little node just above the Tower’s icon. Before you could travel there, you will need to unlock the location. That needs to be done again at the start of every season by playing through its opening quest.

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What to Do At the H.E.L.M.?

Though often described as a social hub, H.E.L.M. does not support interactions between players. While controversial in a multiplayer game, this means that players can get their personal instances of the hub to load quickly and do not need to worry about being kicked for inactivity. The location’s true function is as a quest hub, allowing players to engage in various activities as quickly as possible. Since its introduction, H.E.L.M. has grown to include additional wings housing content from different seasons. Here are the main things you could do there:

  • Use a node to begin seasonal activities such as Override, Astral Alignment, or Shattered Realm (but not Battlegrounds, which are handled through the Vanguard playlist);
  • Activate and utilize artifacts like the Hammer of Proving, Splicer’s Gauntlet, or Wayfinder’s Compass to help you seize additional loot from seasonal activities;
  • Improve your reputations with NPCs or other vendors to acquire upgrades for artifacts that makes their respective activities easier or more rewarding;
  • Listen to story transmissions and interact with NPCs to help you progress through the latest season’s campaign;
  • Visit plot-critical locations like Mara Sov’s Chambers or the Eliksni Quarter;
  • Focus Umbral Engrams using the Prismatic Recaster. Focused Engrams reduce the reward pool according to different criteria, making it more likely that you will get an item you want. At first, you can specify whether you want a weapon or an armor piece, but finding Prismatic Lenses will unlock more complex options such as weighted stats or required perks;
  • Transform focused or unfocused Umbral Engrams into gear using the Umbral Decoder;
  • Retrieve missing items (unclaimed loot) or presents from the mailbox NPC;
  • Access your account’s Vault. This permanent storage system can hold up to 500 items or bundles and maybe interacted with in other spots too;
  • Pick up discarded quests (or the New Light storyline, for Destiny 2 veterans) from the Quest Archive kiosk.

H.E.L.M. Going Forward

According to a popular theory within the community, H.E.L.M. is going to transform into a starship at some point in the future. The theory is seemingly supported by facts such as the space’s name and peculiar layout. Nevertheless, it remains purely speculative for now. A more certain bet is that H.E.L.M. is going to remain a major hub in the next expansion, even if its features undergo some changes. The Elksni and Awoken wings are on their way out, and the implementation of a crafting system may render Umbral Engrams obsolete. However, the numerous unclaimed rooms in this area clearly suggest that it will grow still further in the seasons to come. Visit our website Destiny 2 boosting servises and get a discount!


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