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Tactical pouches: easy access to ammunition and lightweight ammunition

The pouches were originally developed as part of the outfit for military personnel. This format of carrying ammunition, medicines, various compact equipment, which should be at hand, gives the ability to quickly use everything you need.

Thanks to the MOLLE system the pouches can be attached to bags, backpacks, waistbands and belt systems forming an “emergency access kit”.

Material of tactical fanny pack production is modern textile (oxford, cordura etc.) characterized by wear resistance, resistance to moisture and mechanical stress or natural leather. Particular attention is paid to accessories – zippers, buttons, Velcro, etc. quickly unzipped and securely fastened, because the rapid removal of things in extreme situations is vital. In the absence of a first aid kit, the universal pouch can be used to carry medical supplies.

The pouches are used by military, police, security, and specialized armed units, as well as by hunters, fishermen, tourists, and tactical game enthusiasts.

Tactical pouches – features and types

The main advantage of such devices – providing instant access to the things of prime necessity and increase the effectiveness of the actions of the soldier.

Military pouches are subdivided according to the type of purpose:

  • Medical – for storing and transporting first aid supplies.
  • Administrative – can have several compartments to hold personal documents, important documentation or cash.
  • Grenade pouches – for carrying hand grenades and shells for the underbarrel grenade launcher. Such pouches are made from specially durable materials that can withstand considerable weight.
  • Magazine pouches provide the fastest access to spare magazines for changing them. Every type of gun has its own design of pouches that follows the shape of the magazine.
  • Utility pouches are suitable for storing small items and ensure their safety. Products are equipped with a zipper or other types of fasteners that can not open completely.
  • There are also pouches for ammunition, storage of radios, dry packs, lighting devices. In addition to law enforcement agencies, tactical pouches are very popular among hunters, fans of tactical games and extreme sports.
  • Modifications for different purposes. These are army pouches for carrying magazines, grenades or smoke bombs, dropping empty magazines, pouches for flashlights, handcuffs, gas cylinders, flasks, batons, etc., as well as universal pouches.

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