How to write a good CV?
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How to write a good CV?

Many people wonder how to write a good CV. A brilliantly written and structured recruitment document will be one of your most important allies in your career. How do I write a good CV from scratch? How do you write a good resume without any work experience? Check out our complete guide!

In theory, everyone knows how to write a good CV. Just add a photo, work experience and education level, right? Unfortunately, not really. Really attractive job offers are flooded with thousands of documents from jobseekers. In this case, it’s worth taking care of the smallest details that will increase your chances of getting noticed at the next stage. How do you write a successful CV? First, take care of the basics and then surprise your potential employer with something extra.

Let’s start with the basics

To write a good CV, keep the basics in mind. First, make sure you add the right personal details and information that will make it easy to get in touch with you. Add your name, phone number and email address at the top. A good CV is all about making it as easy as possible for the recruiter to find out about you. You should realise that the best CV template you’ve spent the last week working on will only take a few seconds to check. The first check involves going through hundreds of documents, so more often than not, an in-depth analysis of all of them is not possible.

So, if you’re wondering how to write a good CV – remember the first impression effect. Make sure the language is correct, put your contact details in a prominent place, and make sure the layout is pleasing to the eye. A beautiful and well-designed CV is more likely to grab the recruiter’s attention for a few extra, invaluable seconds.

How do you take care of the visual aspects?

When it comes to creating a good CV, the issue of appearance should not be overlooked. Despite appearances, we make a good first impression before we even meet for an interview. A professionally written CV is, above all, a clear and well-structured one. All the most important information about you, your experience and education should be in bold and presented in an accessible way. The recruiter should be able to access the most important information as quickly as possible. It is important to stand out from the crowd of other candidates in every way possible.

Should I put a picture on my CV?

Your photograph is certainly not a requirement. However, in a very good CV, every detail counts. It is advisable to choose a photo with a neutral background that will make you look professional and trustworthy.

What should a good CV contain? Experience is a key factor

It is well known that employers are looking for employees with an appropriate level of experience. How do you put together a good resume? Analyze the employer’s offer and boast of everything you can think of that is useful. A wealth of professional experience should not be underestimated, so be sure to put it in a prominent place (preferably at the top of the document). All professional milestones should be listed in chronological order.

The document should not exceed 1-2 pages. You can talk about the rest of your professional achievements with the recruiter during the interview.

But very often it happens that we don’t realise our predispositions and potential. That is why it is worth using the help of a CV writing service who has experience and knowledge of how to write a professional CV.

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