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Bleu Belaire champagne – the birth of new traditions under the sun of France

Bleu Belaire champagne is a unique drink that strikes with its eccentricity not even from the first sip, but at first sight. At first glance, it may seem that sparkling wine is poured into a blue glass bottle. In fact, the Belaire Bleu bottle is transparent, and the drink itself has an amazing sapphire color.


What grape is Belaire Bleu champagne made from?

The producer of this amazing wine is the Luc Belaire winery, which is part of Sovereign Brands.

Sparkling wine is made from two grape varieties grown in France.

Ugni Blanc

Trebbiano is the name given to this grape variety in Italy, where it comes from. It is a light-skinned grape that produces very light, delicate, almost transparent wines. Often it is used by cognac producers, as it has an original taste, minimal sourness, and bright aroma.

Wines from this grape are fruity-floral at first, but over time the bouquet opens up and honey, apple jam, and peach begin to predominate.


Blending king. This grape is ideal for the production of skates and Armagnacs. For the production of light white wines, this variety has been used recently, but drinks with its addition acquire a light citrus taste and aroma. The bouquet is complemented by apples and herbs.

Both of these varieties for the manufacture of Bleu Belaire champagne are grown in France in different regions, thanks to which sparkling wine has received its unforgettable taste and aroma.

What does Belaire Bleu champagne taste like

The bouquet of blue champagne flavors from Luc Belaire is distinguished by light notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and fresh berries. Sparkling wine is a self-sufficient drink and at the same time is an excellent ingredient for champagne-based cocktails.

But in this wine, not only the taste but also the color can be called unusual. The manufacturer, the winery Luc Belaire created a legend for this wine, which says that the winemakers were inspired by the blue waters of the Cote d’Azur for this work of winemaking art.

Bleu Belaire champagne has a strength of 12.5%. It has a pleasant aftertaste that goes well with many dishes and snacks.

What goes with Bleu Belaire champagne

It has already been said above that this sparkling wine is suitable for cocktails. It can also be served at ceremonial events, and dinner parties. Such a drink fits perfectly into a romantic setting, filling it with an unusual color and a light, delicate taste.

Wine can be attributed to dessert drinks. From appetizers, it is suitable for cheeses characterized by spicy aging. It goes well with ice cream, chocolate desserts, and fruits.

Why Luc Belaire’s blue champagne is growing in popularity

Drink connoisseurs say that it is unusual for the ideal proportions of the old traditions of French winemaking and modern design. Belaire Bleu bottle is designed to fully convey the intriguing color.

Other sparkling wines from Luc Belaire

Winery Luc Belaire has a 120-year history. Today, father and son from the famous dynasty create wines there. Different generations have been able to create unique masterpieces at the intersection of the old and new wine worlds.

Belaire Luxe Rosé

The wine has a deep pink color due to the red Syrah grapes included in its recipe, which is aged on oak. Wine can be served separately, or you can add strawberry puree to it. Such a cocktail is difficult to refuse at a pool party or an extravagant party.

Luc Belaire Rare Rosé

Light rosé wine with unusual hints of wild strawberries. It has an elegant taste and fruity freshness. Suitable for a romantic date, a friendly meeting with light snacks.

Luc Belaire Rare Luxe

Sparkling wine with an aftertaste of honeysuckle, and grapefruit. The taste has hints of apricot. This is mono-sorted champagne made from Chardonnay grapes.

Luc Belaire Brut Gold

A very beautiful golden color, the drink refreshes with its taste and aroma. It is combined in a cocktail with orange juice and grenadine. The best choice for fun parties and summer get-togethers on the beach.

These wines will decorate the table not only as interesting elegant drinks. The company carefully works on the design of bottles, so it is simply impossible to make a mistake in choosing this sparkling wine.

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