Why Self-Check In A Must Have Feature For Your Repair Shop Software?

Why Self-Check In A Must Have Feature For Your Repair Shop Software?

If you are a computer repair shop owner, you know that your customer service is one of the most critical aspects of your business. A self-check-in feature in your point of sale software can help to improve it. What does this mean?

Well, when customers come into your store and take their devices out for repairs themselves, they will be able to proceed without any hassle or delay.

It enables them to get back to work more quickly than if they had waited on someone at the front desk. So, if you want happy customers who keep coming back time after time, implement this software!

What is Self-Check-In

The self-check-in feature in your repair shop software allows customers to enter their information themselves and helps speed up the process.

The self-check-in program allows people to drop off their computers for repairs without coming into the store. All they need is a cell number and email address to receive updates about when it will be ready.

Your technicians will have more time for other tasks because they won’t need to spend on clerical work like customer data entry or billing info. There are also multiple other benefits of self-check-in. Let’s explore those benefits.

Convenient checkouts

Every customer looks for convenience because people don’t have time. Similarly, customers don’t like waiting in long queues. Hence, self-check-in provides them with a convenient and  hassle-free checkout experience that saves time!

The automated process also allows the customer to bypass lines at reception for what they came into your store: an exceptional service from you directly. By offering this feature, you will enhance your customers’ experience, and there is more chance that they will come to your shop again.

Avoid errors

Have you ever experienced a customer who comes in and has no idea what they want? It can be frustrating. If those customers could do their check-in, it would help them find the best service and avoid errors like this. Self-check-in is your computer repair shop software that helps you to mitigate the possibility of errors as customers fill in their information themselves.

Helps to collect customer data

For a business, customer data is gold. With self-check-in, you can gather information on your customers and use it to tailor services to their needs. This data is beneficial because it allows you to get a better idea of the demographics that come into your store.

You can then use this information to market yourself better and tailor certain aspects of the business towards those audiences. It’s also an efficient way to trace how many people are coming in because statistics show that people who have a number tend to spend more time shopping since they know there is a waitlist behind them. Customer data will also help you to make a marketing strategy.

Helps to Attract More Customers

Your point of sale software self-check-in allows faster checkout. That means you can accommodate more customers, resulting in higher sales. Self-check-in is a great idea for your point of sale software! It means faster checkout and more sales.

In addition, the self-checker helps employees since they don’t have to look up products or services from guests as much–resulting in quicker lines too!. You’ll find your customers happy, and your satisfied customers will generate good word of mouth for your business.

Display Your Promotional Offers

Self-check-in is a great way to show off your promotional offers. It’s also an easy way for customers to see what you have on offer without the need of waiting around, which means they’ll be more likely to buy something.

Here are some tips for displaying promotional offers at self-check-in:

1) Display them on the screen before the customer pays or leaves their device with staff for scanning

2) Use large text and graphics; make sure it stands out!

3) Be creative with how you display your promotions (e.g., use posters, infographics).

4) Add some personality by including videos of staff talking about new products or services.

Get a chance to upsell

When it comes to upselling at a computer repair shop, the best chance you have is during check-in. The problem is that many customers are too shy to ask for anything extra, and there’s nothing worse than being stuck with an old or outdated device. Thanks to the self-check-in feature, you can increase your chances of upselling by making it easier for customers to request services while they wait!

Offer your products and services

Repair stores that want to be on the cutting edge of customer satisfaction need an innovative way of interacting with their clients. That’s where displaying products with the help of self-service check-in comes into play!

It allows you to provide a wide range and depth for services or products, increasing your clientele while educating them about what options are available at your repair shop.


No doubt, enhanced features are meant to improve customer experience. But the feature of self-check-in your computer repair shop software is not just to enhance customer experience but also helps businesses to attract more customers on one side. On another side, you can conveniently streamline the process. So, you know now that it is a must-have.