Why is a Laser Printer better? Here you can easily learn about.

Why is a Laser Printer better? Here you can easily learn about.

These devices make static electricity using lasers inside the printer. The static electricity attracts toner, which is in the form of powdered ink. This is then melted onto the paper.



Toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges at first, but they last longer than liquid ink, so your page cost will be lower. Although laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers initially, they can help you save money in the long-term.

There are many other benefits to laser printers over inkjet printers, besides the fact that they can print color. They can print text faster than inkjets, especially low-end inkjets which can be slow.

There are more color laser printers available than ever before. They are more expensive than comparable inkjets and will produce a lower quality color.

Canon Laser Printer

The Canon LBP2900B laser printer is one of the most compact in its class and can be used to print black-and-white forms or documents.

In this image you can see canon laser shot LPB2900B


Before you buy a new printer, there are many other things to consider. These are some questions you should ask before making a decision on what printer to purchase.

What am I using it for?

You can decide whether you buy an inkjet or laser printer by looking at what you intend to do with it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t care about color. ij start cannon Laser printers are more affordable and can be used faster. If you need to print your children’s computer artwork in color, or occasionally print a photograph, an inkjet is the best choice.


A multifunction printer, also known as an AIO or all-in-one (multifunction) printer may be a good choice if you plan to work from home in the future. These printers can not only print from your computer but also allow you to scan and save existing documents. Although some devices allow you to fax a scan of a document, this is becoming less common. These are great for keeping paperwork at a minimum in your home. You can save PDFs for most papers, especially those that you have had for years, and then get rid of any hard copies.

You can scan and upload documents with your phone’s camera. This is fine if you don’t need it often. The quality of a phone-scanned document is not as good as a scanner.

Multi functions for consumers can copy up to 8.5×11-inch paper. However, you can also purchase printers that can handle legal size paper (8.5×14-inch). A multifunction that includes an automatic document feeder (also known as an ADF), allows you to quickly move multiple pages through the system.


The majority of current printers use paper to pull in the paper from the front. Next, the paper is run around the drum or roller and then it is popped out to the tray. If you are printing heavy stock, however, you won’t want the paper to be bent. In that case, it is worth looking for a printer with an input tray that comes from the back. This will ensure that the paper is pulled through in a straight line.

You can also have multiple paper trays in your printer, so you can choose from different colors or hold different sizes of paper.

It is also important to determine how many sheets of paper the input and output trays can hold. You don’t want to have 50 pages on your output tray if you intend to print a 200-page manuscript. Otherwise, 150 pages could end up all over your floor.

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the ability to print on both sides a single page — has become more popular than ever. However, not all printers that are lower priced include this feature. This feature is very helpful, especially for those who do a lot and want to cut down on paper costs. Although most printers allow you to print on both sides of the paper, it is possible to manually feed the paper back into the printer after printing the first side. However, this can cause neck pain.


The printer, or the paper, is not the most expensive part of a printer. Ink is the largest expense. You can calculate how much a printer will run you long-term by multiplying the price per cartridge by its page yield. This is the expected number of pages that each cartridge will produce.

The printer manufacturer usually publishes the page yield stats. Take, for example, two multifunction printers made by the same manufacturer. One has a color-only laser printer and one has a color inkjet printer.