What to expect after Exosome Hair Loss Treatment?

What to expect after Exosome Hair Loss Treatment?

Exosomes Therapy:

Exosomes are used as a natural hair loss treatment. These exosomes are obtained from amniotic mesenchymal stem cells, which helps to stimulate your body to cultivate new hair on the scalp. It help with cell rejuvenation and hair restoration where it is injected. Exosomes Therapy also encourages thin hair cells to heal and grow the cells rapidly.

This is a simple and non-surgical therapy that is suitable for hair loss patients of all ages. 

Exosomes particles are naturally released from a cell that cannot duplicate and are responsible for cellular communication. This therapy is beneficial in areas where hair cannot grow.

What are Exosomes?

The exosomes are vesicles that are involved in cellular communication. They teach specific cells how to act and move information to the correct location. The use of exosomes is widespread in regenerative medicine because it uses its own resources to achieve the desired results. These exosomes are perfect for those people who are suffering from baldness or thinking or hair.

Exosomes for Hair Loss:

Exosome therapy is an effective way to restore hair follicles. It also helps prevent hair loss or thinning of hairs. It is different from the PRP since it contains higher concentrations of growth factors that are derived from the laboratory. This means that it can take a while before the hair follicles reactivate. The results of this therapy will be visible after 4-6 weeks of the treatment.

Exosome therapy for hair loss is performed by injecting a serum that helps to stimulate hair growth.

Results of Exosome Therapy:

Exosome therapy can begin to promote natural hair growth in just two or three months. The new hair growth can continue for one year, with the most notable results usually seen six months after the treatment has been administered. This is a safe treatment that takes only 15 – 30 minutes.

Benefits of Exosomes Therapy:

Exosomes Hair Loss Treatments is suitable for both men and women in the early stages of hair loss. This treatment is especially beneficial for patients who want to avoid invasive surgery or unpleasing hair plugs. Exosome Therapy can also replace PRP Therapy that requires a blood draw. Some advantages of Exosome Therapy includes:

  • It promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles
  • It helps to reduce hair loss
  • It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment of Hair Restoration  
  • It increases the density of hairs
  • It is helpful in Pattern Baldness
  • It provides thinning of hair

Side effects of Exosome Therapy: 

There’s no downtime after the treatment of exosomal hair restoration, and you can immediately restart your regular routine. There may be some tenderness, swelling or redness at the injection site that will soon disappear. Some patients can also suffer from headaches, vomiting, or mild fever, but these effects will not stay longer than three days.

This treatment is safe because exosomes are processed in the United States according to the rules and regulations of the American Association of Tissue Banks and the United States Food and Drug Administration. Just don’t take any Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs three days before your treatment and for three weeks after treatment to overcome the chances of any side effects.