What to consider when buying a solar water heater

What to consider when buying a solar water heater

With increased rates of electricity and its unreliability, many households are now resorting to using solar water heaters to minimize the extra expenses. However, it is not an easy task to find a better solar heater. This article details the key considerations.

A solar water heater is a device that heats water with the help of energy from the sun through the solar system. The process reduces the costs that would have been incurred while using electricity. It is however a big challenge to locate the best solar water heater, and below are some of the considerations required when purchasing a solar water heater.

The type of tank employed

The tank used should have the ability to withstand great heat and at the same time be able to conserve some heat. This tank should be too thick with the ability to retain heat averages for 70 hours. It has also to have a food safety measure to endure that there is in bad smell in the water. An enamel coating has to be applied to the tank to prevent the successive corrosions caused by hard water.

The source of water

Determining whether the source of water is hard or soft is an essential factor before buying a solar water heater because each type of water is being heated by a different heating system I.e, direct and indirect water heating. The direct system is best for soft water whereas the indirect system is good for hard water where a fluid is heated by energy from the panels which later heats the water.

The price of the solar water heater

The Solar water heater price in Kenya is too costly being a massive investment and requiring a lot of technicalities. However, it pays back in the long run and saves from heavy rates of electricity.

The service life of the solar heater

Knowing the right time your product is going to stay while under service is a great factor and desired by many clients. A better solar water heater lasts in about 15 years of service. This helps the customers to plan well for the product bought. Client’s should also be aware of the warranty given by the sellers, this gives them confidence about the product bought.

Temperature regulation

According to research, solar water heaters should contain an inbuilt thermostatic capacitor that controls the temperature to a specific limit often 65 to 75 °c.

Location or space

Solar water heater panels are often placed on the rooftops or the ground. Therefore, the structure to uplift the weight of the panels should be strong enough to avoid accidents and losses. It should also be well-positioned for technicians to do their work of installing without any hustles.


The solar water heater is a new technology on site but possessing a better one, you need to first understand the factors to be considered as explained above. This will save you from scums and purchasing an unqualified heater for your home. 

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