What maintenance Tips you should Follow for Zorb Balls?

What maintenance Tips you should Follow for Zorb Balls?

Do you like to play with Zorb balls as much as I do? Who doesn’t, though?

Almost every water park now has this as a thing to do. Even if someone doesn’t want to go to a water park, they can buy Zorb balls from stores and malls and have fun in their pools. But what if the ball breaks in some way? How to fix it and take care of it in the future?

With this complete guide to fixing and maintaining zorb balls, we hope to help you out. So, let’s get started!

Things you need for repairing zorb balls

Inflatable Zorb balls have taken the place of small pool rings and lilos as the most famous symbols of summer fun. But with the constant joy and many benefits come some unexpected flats and repairs.

Zorb balls aren’t like cheap pool rings that can be replaced with a new one if they get broken. Instead, they cost a lot and can’t just be replaced with a new one. Because of this, if your zorb ball ever gets a hole, you should know how to fix it.

It might look like a hard job, but it’s very simple. Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Hand Gloves
  • Pen/ Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape

All these things are easy to get at your own house. Now let’s look at what you’d have to do!

Step no.1: First, visit the spot

First, you have to find where the hole is. You could see the hole letting air out if you blew up the ball. Aur bubbles are another sign of where the holes are. Once you find the spot, use your pen or marker to write its name in a circle.

Step no.2: Repair it!

Get your tape and cut out some round strips to fix the hole. Make sure the tape is ready to go before you blow up the ball so you can seal it quickly and not let too much air out.

This would be a temporary fix until you get the super glue out. So, make sure to use a strong tape that will keep the hole from getting bigger for a few hours.

Step no.3: Super glue will save the day

Wear your hand gloves and cut another strip of tape. But this time, it was much bigger. Now, get the super glue and spread it all over the side of the tape that sticks to things.

For now, you would need someone to blow up both sides of the ball. Put this new permanent patch over the temporary one to completely seal the hole.

Step no.4: Allow it to get dry

Let the patch dry for about an hour or two at room temperature. Once it’s completely dry, you’re done fixing it, and you can go zorbing again!

Now that you know how to fix zorb balls and how to do it, it’s time to learn how to keep them in good shape. Let’s explore for more.

How can you take care of zorb balls?

Everything needs to be taken care of to work well, and your zorb ball is no different. It’s always good to know how to take care of your product to last longer and work better without any problems. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Clean and wash your Zorb ball every time you use it more than twice. Use soapy water or water with detergent in it that is warm. It would always pay off to keep it clean!
  2. If you want to put the ball somewhere, don’t drag it. Instead, carry it. Use someone else’s help to take it with you.
  3. Don’t touch the handles unless you’re on the ball. It could let go of its hold.
  4. The ball should be kept in a place where the temperature is about the same as the room. The ball’s material can be changed by being wet, cold, or very hot.
  5. When not in use, the ball must be properly covered.
  6. It should be used for practice at least three or four times a month. If it isn’t used enough, the material can become faulty and not inflate.
  7. Keep a repair kit on hand at all times. When you buy a Zorb ball from Kameymall, you also get a full repair kit and a book on how to take care of it. So, buy this from a store you can trust, like this one.

If you follow these tips, you’ll do a great job of taking care of the zorb ball.


In conclusion, Zorb balls are a fun summer activity that would need repairs and regular maintenance if they got a hole. When something gets a hole, you have to patch it with super glue, and you’re done. For its maintenance, all that is needed is careful how it is used, stored, and cleaned.