What is the school administration system?

What is the school administration system?

Reduce paperwork: This allows all necessary data backups to be stored in the database and no data loss is considered. Students can also start their studies from home and all the necessary data is stored in one place.


Billing and Invoicing; This feature helps the school prepare invoices for parents. You can send an invoice to the parents to get the payment easily. you can easily calculate the costs of each event. The billing function simplifies the billing process.


Planning and planning function;


With the help of the system, a daily schedule can be created for the students. Help schedule lessons and access class times that match student and teacher availability.


Parent Access: Parents can monitor their children. It is a way for parents to track their children’s progress.


Notify with push notifications;


Quick notification features serve as an aid to students and parents. You can inform parents about school holidays and events. The type of notification is voice call and SMS.


Benefits for teachers and students;


It has been tried and tested many times. SMS is a cost-effective way to manage school management system activities.


Benefits for teachers:


This frees teachers from other tasks. It also helps to use this time to increase your growth. focusing on your weaknesses. Teachers can use the Internet to get more information.


Benefits for students:


This creates a study area from any location. You can read all the books online. All data and information is stored in a single database. so they don’t have problems.


Benefits for parents and management


Benefits for parents:


Create clarity between parents and their congregation. there are many ways to help parents. I would like to know the categories of your children. know your status.


Management benefits:


The advantage of the administration is that it takes care of all aspects of the data. the information may relate to your staff and students. It also makes everything expensive to maintain.


About the School Administration Module;


Online registration: SMS makes it easier for schools to connect with your parents and streamlines the application process.


Student Information System; This feature allows you to easily store student information. Authorities have easy access to all student information. Parents can view their children’s activity reports at any time. I love the kids’ information and performance reviews.


Manage registrations and exams by SMS


Tuition management: In the fee management function, the school management system can define the type of payment. for example, tuition, exams and events. you can set group fees based on your school. this makes it easier to manage the receipt of payments.


Experiments and Results Management: The Experiments and Results Management feature allows you to plan experiments and report the results.

Personnel information system: The personnel information function sets you apart. Authorities may store your personal information using our personal information system. Authorities can manage working hours with the site.