What Are Vampire Facials And How Do They Work?

What Are Vampire Facials And How Do They Work?

With synthetic cosmetic injectables becoming the norm these days, it is often best to rejuvenate your skin in a method that is non-synthetic. They take advantage of your body’s inherent healing process, with the help of plasma derived from your own blood, minus any filler.

This process has been around for nearly 20 years, but it has recently been shot to fame by the likes of Kim Kardashian and similar big-time celebrities who have remained strong proponents of this rather unconventional yet beneficial beauty treatment. A regenerative procedure, vampire facials make use of only the patient’s blood, in turn averting risks of allergic reactions that often accompany synthetic processes.

We offer vampire facials at the D&R Aesthetics and Beauty Center to clients who wish to rejuvenate their skin by natural means. As for how the procedure works, here’s a brief.

How Do Vampire Facials Work?

We understand that the name might scare you off, but the actual procedure is quite simple. A little amount of blood will be extracted from your arm- equivalent to about 2 teaspoons, and it will be centrifuged to divide the rich plasma from the white and red blood cells. This separated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) will then be used to generate brand new collagen by spreading it over your face prior to the treatment.

Once the PRP is good to go, we will apply it to your face and start the microneedling process. With the help of a small pen-like device, we will deliver a series of tiny needles into the skin, mimicking an injury and tricking the body into generating new tissue. This microneedling process will pushe the PRP deeper into all the underlying dermal layers of your skin, while soothing the newly-affected areas and driving the body to create new collagen.

The collagen produced by these micro-injuries will then heal the skin and bring out a more youthful appearance with the PRP. The PRP combined with the microneedling can induce the production of fatty tissues filling in wrinkles or shallow scarring as well, creating a fuller, smoother skin.

Vampire facials make use of your body’s natural response to injury in restoring your skin, with the help of growth factors in the plasma to speed up the healing process. There is nothing synthetic or artificial about the procedure and the results will turn out both natural and long-lasting.

Benefits of Vampire Facials

Vampire facials are highly recommended for bringing about a fresh, glowing look to your skin. If you wish to have your skin looking vibrant and supple, but without synthetic fillers, the vampire facial can be an excellent alternative. PRP has traditionally been used by doctors to treat burn wounds and serve as a catalyst to the healing process in athletes. Professional tennis athlete, Rafael Nadal is yet another proponent of this treatment.

The process has shown considerable upsides as an aesthetic treatment as well, with the use of PRP in restoring elasticity to your skin and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. PRP treatments are often used to reduce acne scarring or stretch marks as well.

Want to explore your options a little? Get in touch with us at the D&R Aesthetics and Beauty Center to know more about vampire facials, and other beauty services we offer!