What Are Some Physical Signs The Body Suffers From Over Drinking?

What Are Some Physical Signs The Body Suffers From Over Drinking?

Even if you do not have a full-blown addiction to alcohol and do not now require treatment at an alcohol rehab facility, your body might nevertheless suffer from the detrimental effects of drinking to excess. The detrimental effects of drinking might still be felt by your organs even if you limit your drinking to the weekends. If you drink excessively, you are doing a tremendous disservice to both your physical body and your mental state, which requires dual diagnosis for the treatment. An alcohol use disorder or alcoholism that is “well on its way to becoming” an addiction can cause a variety of health issues, some of which are listed below:


Inflammation of the liver is one of the most frequently observed physical manifestations of excessive alcohol consumption. This can become apparent through symptoms such as recurrent infections of the urinary tract, yellowing of the eyeballs, yellowing of the skin, and yellowing of the teeth. Cirrhosis of the liver, an even more deadly form of liver disease, can result from liver inflammation that is neither identified nor treated for a prolonged period of time.


Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition that can be caused by drinking excessively over a prolonged period of time. This condition signifies that the tissues that make up the liver, as well as the walls of the liver, have been significantly damaged and irreparably scarred. A person who has cirrhosis of the liver requires medical treatment in addition to the support of alcohol rehab in order to live a normal life. This health problem causes its sufferers to tire easily, and on certain days they may even reach a point where they are completely exhausted. In addition to a loss of appetite and, in some situations, libido, nausea is an additional symptom that is frequently associated with liver cirrhosis.


Those who use an unhealthy amount of alcohol are at risk for malnutrition, which can manifest itself in varying degrees. A significant number of heavy drinkers suffer from dietary inadequacies and rarely consume a healthy or abundant diet. Extreme fatigue and a reduction in body weight are the two symptoms of malnutrition that manifest themselves the most frequently.


Those who are addicted to alcohol or who drink to extremes or too frequently are at a significantly increased risk of developing high blood pressure. This is because drinking a lot of alcohol causes an increase in the number of triglycerides that are found in the blood. Other major health issues, such as heart attacks and strokes, can be precipitated by hypertension (high blood pressure).


People who drink a lot and frequently have a higher risk of experiencing sleep disruptions than those who drink less frequently. Even if you only indulge in heavy drinking on rare occasions, you still run the risk of suffering from sleeplessness for up to a week later.

Dysfunction of the Erection

A man’s sexual performance may suffer if he consumes an excessive amount of alcohol, which is something he may learn on his own. A problem with gaining and retaining an erection when engaging in sexual activity can be a consequence of heavy drinking and/or the development of an addiction to alcohol. Sexual dysfunction can also be a consequence of sexual dysfunction.