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VOCs stands for volatile organic compounds. They are extremely dangerous and can cause a lot of health problems and problems, especially if you are exposed to these elements for a long time. Based on the reports from the American Lung Association, we can say that these particles are harmful and can also cause cancer. In addition, they can also react with a number of other gases and create other pollutants. Hence, you should be careful when handling these substances, especially if you have problems around you. Let’s find out more.

Harmful effects of VOCs

According to the EPA, VOCs can cause many problems, such as an irritated throat, nose, or eyes. Aside from that, they can also damage your central nervous system, kidney, and liver. Other common symptoms you may have are listed below.

  • dizziness
    Allergic skin reaction
    Frequent headache

If you have experienced these symptoms, there are steps you should take to control these particles and improve your indoor air quality. After all, breathing clean air has a number of benefits.
Which VOCs are dangerous?

The problem is that many popular products contain VOCs. If possible, you should avoid contact with these products. Besides that, if you think some of the products you use contain VOCs, you may want to store those products in a well-ventilated area. Ideally, this place shouldn’t be in your bedroom. Below is a list of common VOCs that you may want to deal with.

  • acetone
    Carbon disulfide
    Methylene chloride
    Best air purifiers for removing VOCs

If you are looking for the best air purifier to get rid of VOCs, we recommend that you try a real medical HEPA filter. The nice thing about these products is that they can trap 99.99% of these particles. In other words, they can trap bacteria, mold, Dost, virgins, and other types of viruses.

So, these filters can trap different types of hazardous particulate matter including VOCs. These filters contain an extra layer of activated carbon that can trap harmful air gases and other chemicals.

So the question is what makes these Medical Air Purifier so different. Below is a description of what these filters can do for you.


First of all, these air purifying devices can circulate a lot of clean air through your room without making a lot of noise. If you’ve used a noisy air purifier before, you know the importance of having a quiet device. Loud air purifiers prevent falling asleep.


Based on your personal style, test, and available space, you may want to decide on the best  Medical Grade Air Purifier. You are free to choose from a range of sizes and colors. The good thing is that these devices have front panels that you can swap out.


The good thing is that these devices come with a warranty or guarantee. If the device you purchased no longer works before the warranty expires, you can get a new device.

In short, if you want to deal with VOCs, we recommend that you buy a good quality air purifier.

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