Prepare yourself to trek the ideal spot to unwind and relax with thrills, adventures, and hilarious stories to be shared during camp nights. Be ready to go on the Chopta Tungnath the Chandrashila Trek.
Travel to one of the most enjoyable family-friendly hikes in India with not so challenging terrain and a stunning view of the whole Himalayan region. Enjoy a walk-through gorgeous meadow that are coloured with colour with oak forests, breathtaking views of mountains, and so much more.

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A hike that offers enough challenge with the most comfort and breathtaking views to enjoy.
An introductory delight with unique Trekking Experiences
Chandrashila trek is a perfect hike for those who are just beginning their journey. It isn’t a sturdy trek and offers breathtaking views of India’s most awe-inspiring summit Mt. Nanda Devi. Furthermore, you can enjoy the fantastic views of other stunning mountain ranges, like Mt. Trishul, Mt. Chaukhamba and a delightful trip at Deoria Tal. Discover the incredible world of trekking all in one go.

Camp in the middle Lush Meadows
Chopta Chandrashila trek is an excellent location for camping. Take a stroll along the driveway, and you take in the stunning views of Rudraprayag and Devprayag. Additionally, go for a walk in the morning with the sound of birds chirping and breathtaking views of majestic mountains. This sounds refreshing. Right? In addition, Chopta remains green in December, offering you the best camping experience possible in the middle of the vast garden.

Pay Homage at the Highest Shiva Temple in the World
The visit to Tungnath Temple is among the most memorable aspects of the Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Trek. The temple is among the Panch Kedar temples, according to Hindu mythology. They were hiding behind the bull. When he was spotted and spotted, a battle was fought between them, and the bull was smashed into five parts – Panch Cedars. Tungnath Temple is the place where the arms had fallen.

A Trek is engraved with Myths
Chandrashila Peak has several well-known legends about its origins. The peak’s name comes from an old myth that Chandrashila Peak was where the Moon God- Chandra meditated in penance to return to heaven. Another legend relates to Lord Ram’s meditation after he killed Ravanna at the top of this mountain. This is more than just a walk. It’s a journey through mythological tales.

Excellent Combination of Leisure and Adventure
It is the Chopta Tungnath Trek is the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. The summit of the trek is Chandrashila Peak- the highest spot of the trek at 13,100 feet. The Chopta Chandrashila is snowy and steep. However, it is suitable for all kinds of trekkers. It is a great spot to have a fun small picnic with your loved ones and share a cup of good old-fashioned laughter.

Best Time for Chopta Chandrashila Trek
It is said that the Chandrashila climate and Tungnath weather are both pleasant during the summer months, but it gets it can get chilly during winters. Whatever the details, the trip is an absolute must-do for anyone with a passion for mountain enthusiasts (lover).
The Chadrashila summit is not able to be described in just a few words. In short, it’s an ideal family-friendly hike as Chandrashila is a stunning view from The Himalayas as well as the valley, without taking excessive effort. It’s like taking a low altitude expedition but not as challenging as an actual high-altitude trek.


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