Understanding Air Purifiers | Buying an air

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Buying an air purifier can be confusing, and you get a lot of

information shown to you when you visit the different manufacturing websites,

you do not? How can you know what is what and why do we need air filters anyway?

And how do air purifiers work? Is the air really that bad? We have not been

breathing the same air for thousands of years?

Yes and no. First of all, we have been breathing the same air for thousands of

years, but we live in a symbiotic relationship with the plants around us, which

that is, we depend on each other to survive air purifying plants. We breathe oxygen to live and emit

carbon dioxide. Plants exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen effectively.

“exchanging” the air in a healthy relationship with us. This makes the plants

first primitive air purifiers on earth, and explains why scientists are so

concerned about the ecological balance on earth and the need for the survival of

tropical forests and plants: they also ensure our own survival by preserving

oxygen in our atmosphere.

Nature also cleans the air in other ways: ozone (positively charged

oxygen molecules) is generated by waterfalls and electrical storms. Ozone too

cleans impurities and particles from the air naturally.

The industrial revolution and air quality

The industrial revolution made great strides in everything but air quality.

In fact, pollution such as car emissions, smog, and

Everyday chemicals, like cleaning fluids, carpets, and paints, get into the air.

daily. In industrial settings, air purifiers clean the air before it

released to the atmosphere to meet government requirements.

Today’s homes are also more energy efficient and profitable, but to get

there they have become much more “closed”. When they are thus sealed,

indoor pollutants are locked in, so today’s homes have two to five

Times more polluted than outside levels! Obviously, air purifiers are a must

to improve indoor air quality to combat the effects of this stale,

recirculated air.

Beginning in the 1980s, physicians began to take note of the

direct link between poor indoor air quality and higher incidence of

conditions such as asthma, allergies and recurrent colds and upper respiratory

infections The development of a variety of improved and reduced air filtration

Systems for domestic use soon emerged.

How the main types of air purifiers work

One of the most commonly used types of air purifier is also one of the first

developed and used in most hospitals and clean rooms. This is the HEPA


HEPA Filters

During the Manhattan Project in the 1940s, the Arthur D. Little firm

developed the first HEPA filters to filter very small particles

that it had been contaminated by nuclear radiation in atomic bomb test areas.

It was during this initial development that HEPA standards were set at 0.3

microns, which could effectively capture the condensed radioactive iodine.

At that time, the filters were called “absolute filters” and not HEPA.

(High Efficiency Particulate Air) until filters were marketed in the 1950s.

Today, these filters are used in hospitals, surgical rooms, biopharmaceuticals.

research laboratories, microcircuit laboratories and the aerospace industry for their

exceptional ability to control dust and particles.

HEPA removes 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. For even more

intense filtration, there is a ULPA or Ultra-HEPA filter, which filters

99.99% of the contaminants pass through the filter.

Obviously, something has to get the air through the filter, and with HEPA

filters this is a motorized fan. This can make them noisy, making them

annoyance for some people. A HEPA filter will need to be replaced every 12-18

months, depending on how it is used and the indoor environment of your home.

For example, if you have pets, especially cats or dogs that shed a lot, you can

I need to change it more often due to dandruff. If there are smokers in

the house will also need to change its air filter more frequently to make sure

adequate filtration.

However, for overall performance, nothing filters or removes more

particles than a HEPA filter, so it’s a matter of balancing the cost, the sound

preference and convenience in relation to your needs in choosing the right

air filter model for your home.

Ozone air purifiers

Ozone is created in nature by everything,

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