UF Mobile Printing Via University Of Florida

UF Mobile Printing Via University Of Florida

UF Mobile Printing

It is ranked among the top National and Global Universities, spread over 2,000 acres, and almost 50,000+ students (both Undergraduate and Postgraduate) join every year. Along with that nearly 8,231 academic staff and 6,556 administrative staff, the University of Florida is a sure dream university.

The traces of its origin date back to 1853 and have been functioning continuously since September of 1906. It is a too recognized and honoured college while being inexpensive and reliable at the same time. It is situated in Gainesville, Florida, in the United States.

The University provides various 100 Undergraduate majors and 200 Graduate programs ranging from accounting to engineering to geography. All the major courses are available there.

It is also home to many notable structures like the Century Tower, a 48m (157 foot-tall) carillon tower, The Reitz Union, Harn Museum, University Auditorium, and many more. In their 111-year history, they have escalated on both national and global levels.

Recognitions Of University of Florida

  • The University’s varsity sports teams have won 41 national team championships, out of which 36 are NCAA titles.
  • Florida athletes have also won 275 individual national championships. The students and alumni have won 126 Olympic medals, which includes 60 gold medals.
  • Nationally, it is ranked 70 by FORBES, 47 by ARWU, and 16 by Washington Monthly.
  • While Globally, it is ranked 88 by ARWU, 162 by QU. The University has made sure it functions more than just a university and plays a significant part in its students’ development.

What Is The Necessity Of Printing in UF?

Many of you might wonder why you need to have a printing option at University or college. We have walked into the 21st century and today’s college and university students are a mobile generation. Almost all undergraduate students own a smartphone and use it to study and complete work while on campus.

This shift has changed what students expected traditionally when they arrive on campus. With mobile devices, they can access any information at any time. Besides the necessities on campus, campus printing executes well to benefit the digital generation. This lets you focus more on learning and less on getting notes and assignments ready.

What is Campus Printing Service at the UF?

As students have endless things to print out, they require the convenience of Printing to quickly and easily print what they need. UFIT’s Charged Printing service provides UF provides students, faculty, and staff with the services to publish over 50 locations on campus.

They can do this through their PC, laptop, or even a mobile device. Besides, UF workstations are built-in libraries and learning spaces so that you can print your important documents whenever it is required. They offer both monochrome and coloured Printing. Large format poster printing is available in specific locations.

Students need to print – whether it’s worksheets or notes for class or projects to be handed in, Printing remains a vital process. In various campuses, printing services are limited to the faculty or active students. With high costs, unsafe printers, and inferior printing technology, Printing becomes a headache. With campus providing printing services, Printing is managed and condensed. Mobile printing features are also available.

If you have a valid GatorLink account or are an active student or faculty member, you can access the UFIT printing services. You can also receive help from technology consultants at the UFIT computer labs. The employees wear a blue vest and are experts to assist you technically. The fees are claimed from your GatorLink account.

The printing services here are quite good. It helps you print the desired document. It should be available on your smartphone ( both Android or iPhone), tablets, laptops, computers, or iPad, or any devices having an internet connection. You can connect it to your Gatorlink Account or use the lab computers available all around the 200 acres campus.

How Does Campus Printing Work At The UF?


Step 1: The printing services form submits the document.

To obtain the form, you have to log in through your Gator link account into Google. This may require your log out from the current Google account.

You can use one document per form submission.

Only 8.5×11 in or 11×8.5 in black and white (no colour printing).

The document should be either in doc, ppt, or pdf format.

UF allows students to print up to 250 pages per semester. It is offered for free.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment as per your need.


If you fail to do so, then there is no guarantee that your order will be completed on time.

You can schedule appointments on Monday-Friday from 9:30 am-5:00 pm.

Step 3: You have to pick up the copies at the SG graphics and copy centre. It is on the 2nd Floor of the Reitz Union in the student engagement portal. A photo ID proof and face masks are compulsory.

Different Options at UF Mobile Printing

From Mobile Print  

  1. Upload your document to mobile Print.
  2. Select if you need one-sided, or 2 sided Print, click the checkbox between the two-sided button and “Advanced” to open up the advanced menu. If you only select two-sided options, you won’t get the desired result; instead, you end up Printing one-sided.
  3. Select the number of copies along with the range of pages and the format you want from the advanced menu.
  4. Issue the job at the release station.

From a Lab Computer 

  1. After creating your document, either navigate to File -> Print or hit CTRL+P.
  2. Select the AT-LAB-BW_2_SIDED print queue as the printer(for a double-sided printing option, which is most popular).
  3. To send the job to the queue, you need to click on the print icon.
  4. Release the job at the release station.

UF Printing Location And Availability

  1. AFA Library provides black and white, colored, mobile Printing, and lab computer printing options.
  2. Architecture (Room 118) provides black and white, colored, mobile Printing, plotter, and lab computer printing options.
  3. College of Veterinary Medicine (V1-110a) provides just monochrome and mobile printing options.
  4. Computer Science/Engineering – CSE (Lab Room E235) provides black and white, colored, mobile Printing, plotter, and lab computer printing options.
  5. Hawkins Center (3056) provides only color, mobile Printing, and lab computer printing options.
  6. Harrell Medical Education Building – HMEB (226 & 230) provides only black and white and mobile printing options
  7. Holland hall library (1st Floor and Room 210) provides black and white, mobile Printing, and lab computer printing options.
  8. Health Science Center – HSC (CG14 & CG74) provides only black and white, mobile printing options.
  9. Health Science Center Library – HSCL (Floors 1-3) provides all printing options except the plotter option: black and white, colour, mobile Printing, and lab computer printing options.
  10. The HUB (Lab Room 120), also like the Health science library – HSCL (Floors 1-3), provides all printing options except the plotter option: black and white, colour, mobile Printing, and lab computer printing options.

Other Options

  1. Library East (100 & 301) provides black and white, mobile Printing, and lab computer printing options.
  2. Library West (Floors 1-3, 6) provides all printing options except the plotter option: black and white, color, mobile Printing, and lab computer printing options.
  3. Marston Science Library (Floors 1 & 2) provides all kinds of printing options available in UF: black and white, colour, mobile Printing, plotter and lab computer printing options.
  4. New Engineering Building (288) only provides black and white and mobile printing options.
  5. Newell Hall (Floors 2 & 3) also, like the above location, only provides black and white and mobile printing options.
  6. Norman Hall (Lab Room 2056 & Classroom 2057) provides all printing options except the plotter option: black and white, Colour, mobile printing, and lab computer printing options.
  7. Norman Hall Education Library (1500) – Both floors provide black and white, mobile Printing, and lab computer printing options.
  8. Teaching Center (Broward 40) only provides the black and white option and mobile printing options.
  9. Weil Hall (Lab Room 408) provides all printing options except the plotter option that is black and white.
  10. Weimer Hall (2050 & 2056) only provides black and white and mobile printing options.

With these many options covering all over the University of Florida, it sure does feel like a shopping mall for printers.

3D Printing And 3D Scanning at UF

The University of Florida also provides options for 3D Printing and scanning.

For the 3D printing option, you can contact the libraries, including Education, Health Science Center, and the Marston Science Library. They use FFF (fused filament fabrication), also known as FDM (fused deposition modelling) technology for Printing.

Marston Science Library has one Ultimaker, eight Lulzbot Taz6, and 4 Lulbot Taz workhorse 3D printers. There is one Lulzbot Taz Six 3D Printer at the Architecture & fine arts, Health Science Center Library, and education department.

For the 3D Scanning option, you can contact the faculty at the Health Science centre Library, Marston Science Library, and the Architecture & Fine Arts Library.

They also Next Engine and Structure 3D scanner, which can perform things like Basic NextEngine Scanning, Scanning with the MultiDrive, Make fully editable CAD models, Calibration App Tutorial, Robert Bomboy Tutorial, and many more.

Suppose you’re a nerd and wondering about the types of filenames used. The MatterHackers 3mm build series PLA (polylactic acid) is the only type of plastic available in the labs. Also, PLA is accessible in different kinds of colours. The scanning option is easy, and a wheelchair is also accessible. It comes with KIC Bookeye (a digitized on-demand system for scanning books, magazines, and college journals) scanners and a Flatbed scanner option available.

Pricing Guide 

1.Black and white Printing can cost you about $0.08 for one-sided Printing and almost $0.16 for two-sided Printing per page. This Printing is available at Architecture, CS department, HMEB (226 & 230), HSC (CG14 & CG74), The Hub (120), and College of Veterinary Medicine.

Also at Libraries including Education, AFA, HSC, Holland, East and West library and Marston. Along with that, the New Engineering Building (288), Newell Hall (Floors 2 & 3), Norman Hall (Lab Room 2056). Teaching Center, Norman Hall Education Library, Weil Hall, and Weimer Hall also provide this facility.

2. Colour printing option can cost you about $0.75 per page and can be availed at Computer Sciences/Engineering (E235), Architecture (118), The Hawkins Center. It is also available at The Hub (120), Libraries including AFA, HSC, Library West (3rd Floor) and Marston, Norman Hall (Lab Room 2056 & Classroom 2057), Weil Hall (408).

3. Large format plotter costs about $3.00 per foot and is available at Architecture (118), Marston Science Library (1st Floor), and CS engineering department.

Note: All these prices exclude all taxes and will be directly debited from your Gatorlink account under miscellaneous costs.

Payment Method

Printing fees are charged directly from your Gatorlink account, and you don’t need to pay each time. At the end of each month, you will receive an e-bill for educational technology printing under ‘miscellaneous’ charges. In MyUFL’s student financial account, all the costs will be displayed. You can have a look at the printing charges by going to my.ufl.edu and heading to My Campus Finances.

Guest Options

If you are not a faculty, staff, or UF student, you can rely on the scanning options of guest users available at all branches. For any further information on operating the services, you can visit the service desk.


We hope the information provided here was helpful regarding the University of Florida. Also, I hope you are excited to join the University of Florida as not just a university student but a Gator and avail all these features.