Top Marketing Technology Trends To Follow in 2022

Top Marketing Technology Trends To Follow in 2022

The marketing sector is changing rapidly across all domains and is constantly evolving. The lack of new marketing trends does not allow business owners to gain a competitive advantage, generate more leads and attract new customers.

Let’s Look at the Marketing Trends Below:

Integration of Wearable Technologies

Let’s start our list of new trendy wearable devices. Martech’s portable integrations offer new ways to reach audiences and connect with users. Smartwatches and other devices can be very targeted at advertising – for example, anyone looking for a clothing store will receive a notification from someone when they pass by.

Trends in wear technology allow retailers to reach potential buyers at the right time in the right place, increasing conversion rates.

Just as mobile optimization has become a significant evaluation factor, available technology like react js development company can also play a role in search engine optimization. Webmasters may need to optimize their smartwatch platforms and other valuable devices in the future to receive high ratings.

VR / AR Content

VR campaigns have been a novelty in marketing technologies for a long time. For example, Adidas launched one as early as 2017, allowing people to track two climbers in real-time. Participating in augmented and virtual reality in advertising campaigns plays well in the desire of users to prioritize the shopping feeling over the product’s price.

What’s more, new marketing technologies can be used to attract young audiences. Online or TV ads as tools are not as effective at connecting children as an immersive campaign.

Programmatic Advertising

Today, marketers still play an essential role in setting up advertising. The default settings are seldom the best, and managers must adjust their campaign settings to run a successful campaign, and a website development company Jaipur can help you to achieve that.

In the United States, program advertising spending is expected to reach nearly $ 100 billion by 2022. The US and the United Kingdom are expected to be at the forefront of change and have the largest share of programmatic advertising and trade.


In 2016, Oracle knew that every second customer expected continuous customer support. Achieving this level of customer friendliness is almost impossible without implementing a chatbot – another of our top-list trends.

Chatbots are rumored to become more humane in the next five years, thanks to machine learning and advances in artificial intelligence. Development of voice robots – such as Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and others. – is one of the most promising trends in marketing technology development, which specialists can use to collect more customer queries and increase conversion rates.

Marketing Tool Based on Blockchain

Advertising fraud is a big problem for merchants, and research estimates that marketing managers lose about $ 19 million annually due to fraudulent activities. To ensure that you adhere to your campaign KPIs and do not waste your budget, consider using blockchain anti-fraud platforms in 2022. Blockchain also allows resellers to offer users reliable data behind their claims. For example, a blockchain-based platform can store records demonstrating a product’s reliability or place of origin.

Voice Technology

Smart speakers are no longer uncommon in modern homes. According to studies, the number of voice assistants increased by 78% between 2017 and 2018 and has only grown since then. In the United States alone, 135.6 million users will use Voice Assistants by 2022.

Mobile-first Solution

Millennials and Gen Z are known as first-generation mobile. Surfing the web is no longer a necessity or a ritual for them but an everyday activity. These buyers often buy or order travel services – and the opportunity is here to stay.

Data Management and Customer Data Platforms

Customer data platforms have been another promising technology trend in digital marketing for decades. Over the next 3 to 5 years, these facilities are expected to be enormous – the market value is estimated at $ 3.2 million in 2023.

Because the GDPR and California data protection regulations restrict retailers’ freedom to collect data, data management platforms and organizations can be essential for more efficient market processing. Another feature that will be introduced on these platforms is lo.

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