Tools to help you find better domain names

Tools to help you find better domain names

If you’re struggling and need help building a good name, there are plenty of great tools you can use. Here are a few sites you can use to stream your creative resources.

Domain – If you’re having a hard time finding names that aren’t a mile long, maybe it’s time to be trendy. The domain is a popular website naming tool designed to help you discover top-level domains (TLDs) beyond dot com, which maps popular sites like ping.FM and Domainr also shows available popular TLDs, so it’s a great tool for intelligence.

Dot-O-Meter – This is a domain name suggestion tool that allows you to mix and match lists of common prefixes and suffixes. This is a real-life saver when you need to find the perfect name for a keyword-targeted niche website. The dot-o-meter tool also allows you to choose from a list of common site categories that use prefixes and suffixes.

BustAName – This is a feature-rich name finder. They use several types of linguistic data to help you identify names. Your ability to preserve, manage and organize your research is truly amazing. It’s a time saver and I really appreciate their “word list” feature. It detects similar sounds that you can use to dig deeper.

Domain Name Tool – This is not a name finder more like a domain research tool. The Domains Tool helps you discover relevant information about the domains that interest you. You’ll love the “Whois” search feature, which provides all the registration information you need. They also offer a preliminary consultation search to help you find similar names for sale or auction, along with similar names.

DomainsBot – This is an advanced searchable domain name search engine that allows you to perform highly refined and customized searches. For example, you can call it the maximum number of characters you can accept. You can also tell it to ignore any names containing dashes.

StuckDomains – If you’re after a user name, then StuckDomains is for you. What they provide is a full database of expired names that are beyond their renewal term. It’s worth checking out as this is your chance to find names that are currently available or is about to be available. I have summarized a few hot names like this.

Nameboy – Okay, I admit, a shameless exploit called Nameboy Game Boy, but it’s exactly the same as a popular name generator. Nameboy requires a primary keyword and a secondary keyword that best describes your site. Then it generates a long list of names for you to look at.

 Take the time to make the best choice for the first time. When you start building your website, there are many challenges to a name change that will take you longer to recover than investing the right effort beforehand. If it took you a day, a week, or a month to find the right domain name for your business, that time is well spent.