From time to time, we overhear conversations at hookah hangouts that sound like:” Wow, this hookah tastes bad.” Those comments make us sad because the perfect hookah should be tasty and offer a flash of relaxation, not burn your throat. Alternatively, you can check out, it is compact, portable and delivers the same fresh taste as traditional hookah


There’s no science in preparing your hookah the proper way – follow these simple tips to form your hookah taste fresh. Here they are!


Adding ice and cold water to your water can help.

The fundamental principle during hookah preparation is to use cold water. The water inevitably gets warmer within the bottle while smoking, so you wouldn’t want to use warm water – it only gets even more generous.


To make your hookah taste fresh, add a couple of pieces of ice in your bottle – the ice melts slowly and keeps the water temperature in check.


However, note that although ice makes your hookah taste fresh, it decreases the taste of the tobacco.

Make sure the tobacco is fresh and wet.

Moving on – a subsequent tip to make your hookah taste fresh is to make sure the tobacco is kept in a dry place and far away from direct sunlight. If you recognize an extended period ahead where you don’t decide to smoke, put the tobacco in a resealable bag to keep the air away.


Also, if you happen to seek out an old pack of tobacco, attempt to confirm you had opened it within the last two months. If not, we propose buying a replacement one and not attempt any human experiments with the old one.


When unsure, follow this band-aid – mix the old tobacco with a fresh one to realize new flavors and knowledge.


From time to time, blow some air out.


Another simple trick to make your hookah taste fresh is to blow some air out from time to time softly. Blowing out, within the terms of smoking hookah, means you merely blow into the hose; therefore, the air moves to the bottle. From there, the air travels through the valve and thus ventilates your pipe.


So, in a nutshell, blowing out helps the “new” smoke replace the “old” one. Just make sure not to blow too hard – otherwise, the water will enter the bowl and ruin everything – your session, your mood, and, if you’re unlucky, even your hookah.

Do Not Use More Tobacco Than Is Acceptable

Sure, sometimes you’ve got to push the bounds and provide everything you’ve got, but not with tobacco! Instead, “less is more” should be the principle of prepping your hookah bowl – confirm you don’t exaggerate with the tobacco.


Try E-hookahs

The e-Hookah pens utilize vaporization in order to heat liquids to the point where they start to evaporate. This creates a secure vapour that doesn’t contain any toxins. On the other hand, shisha and tobacco cigarettes use a burning mechanism. When burning occurs, many hazardous  substances are produced.


Top Advantages Of E-Hookah pens

It smells like fresh fruit

Since hookah pens do not linger within the body like smoking does, the smell is unbearable to smokers, and it does not induce stains throughout the house. It can affect their interaction with smokers in a positive way.


A toxin-free environment

People who use tobacco and shisha should cease to use these poisonous chemicals. Using e-Hookah pens and other tobacco products can cause lung cancer, heart disease, and other injuries. When cigarettes and hookah smoke tobacco, they create a large number of toxic  by-products. These problems do not exist with E-hookah pens since they don’t burn anything.

The Management of Nicotine

In addition to regular cigarettes, shisha tobacco contains nicotine, a stimulant that is addictive. Even though nicotine is not harmful on its own, it creates addiction, which is something that some people want. Nicotine is not present in the liquid that composes an E-Hookah.


A small, portable, and discrete device

It is smaller than a standard shisha joint (about the same size as a cigarette). In other words, they can easily be carried around in your pocket or purse for straightforward use on the go – something that might not be possible with a traditional shisha. The fact that their vapour is fast-distributed means they are relatively discreet, since their use does not usually draw attention.

Alternatives to Cigarettes

Most hookahs last for between 400 and 800 puffs. E-hookah pens are cheaper to use when compared to shisha tobacco and cigarettes, when you consider the value.


Notes on the subject

If ever you are on the go and craving for that fresh puff, you can check for varieties of  electronic hookahs. These e hookahs are portable and easy to use.