Tips For Hiking In The Rain

Tips For Hiking In The Rain

We’ve all been there! Planning a hike to enjoy the gorgeous views and lush green trails of Daintree National Park, only to have it start raining just before you hit the trail! Many people turn around at this point because they don’t want to get wet or uncomfortable during their hike. However, what many hikers don’t realise is that there are ways you can enjoy your trail time even when it’s raining! 

In this post, we’ll share a number of top tips to help you embrace your Daintree hiking experience, no matter the weather!

Choose The Right Trail

Choosing the right trail is the first step to a successful hike, rain or no rain. On rainy days you won’t be able to see expansive views, so a summit hike such as Mount Sorrow Ridge may not be the best choice for this type of weather. 

Similarly, consider what you are hoping to get out of your hike, exercise or relaxation? Are you going alone or with friends? When it is raining you are better off choosing trails and boardwalks that are shorter with less steep inclines, allowing you to enjoy the nature around you, without the risk of slips and falls.

Choose The Right Clothes

No one likes the feeling of wet and damp clothing, especially during a hike. Choosing the right gear and clothes can help make your trek as comfortable as possible. Good hiking gear keeps a good balance between keeping you dry and warm, but cool enough that you do not overheat. 

This means wearing a waterproof, breathable rain jacket and some lightweight waterproof hiking pants. Consider bringing a change of clothing, such as a warm jumper and dry socks as well.

Waterproof Rain Covers

Protecting your body from the rain isn’t the only thing to think about; it’s smart to keep your bag and equipment dry too. While it is common for most hiking backpacks to be waterproof, some of us simply do not own one! Rain covers or even a plastic bag can do wonders for keeping your belongings dry.

Pack The Right Food

When it is raining, the last thing you want to do is stop and prepare a full meal or eat a soggy sandwich. As such, it is best to pack easy snacks that can be eaten on the move. These include cereal bars, fruit and nuts. Not only are these easier to eat, but can give you a nutrient boost while you are working your body.

Have A Positive Attitude

Finally, as simple as it sounds, you need to have a positive attitude and enjoy your time! This is the best way to make the most of any hike. If you focus on enjoying yourself and doing your best, even if you get wet or uncomfortable along the way, you will have a wonderful experience regardless of the weather.

Happy Hiking!

The Daintree National Park is one of the best places to hike, even in rainy weather! With a number of well kept and easy to navigate trails, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself in the rain. Aussie Park Guides is an easy to use app that will provide you with all the resources, tips and information you need to make your Daintree National Park self-guided tour rewarding. Download the app today!