6 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Villa in Dubai

6 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Villa in Dubai

Most people associate villas in Dubai with the rich and affluent. This is true to an extent, as these are lavish homes adorned with modern amenities and facilities. Some villas also feature in-home theatre rooms, apart from the regular facilities, such as a swimming pool, maid’s room, terrace, BBQ deck, etc.

Having said that, thanks to the home mortgage loan option, buying a villa in Dubai is not a far-fetched dream anymore. You can buy it to enjoy the villa lifestyle or as an investment. Either way, it will prove to be an asset for you. However, the real challenge is to find a villa that suits your needs in both the cases discussed above.

Check any property portal in Dubai, and you will come across various offers for villas for sale. This can greatly overwhelm you, and making the right decision can become a little difficult. To help you with this, we are sharing six most important things that you must definitely pay heed to when buying a villa in Dubai:

Define Your Requirements

Many people make the mistake of starting their property hunt without being clear about what they require. The result is a prolonged process that includes multiple property visits, inspections and a lot of hassles.

So, before you start the process, know exactly what you want. Do you need a waterfront villa? How many rooms should it have? What are the amenities and facilities required? Where should it be located? Find answers to all these questions before proceeding further.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Listings for villas are available in numerous neighbourhoods in Dubai. Some of them are mixed-use communities that nestle different types of residential properties, while others are villa-only areas. The latter are mostly quaint and located away from the hustle of the city. However, when living in these communities, you don’t feel like staying away from the city since every amenity and facility is easily accessible.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a location. It should be closer to your workplace, easily accessible via major routes, and have basic and advanced facilities located nearby. Having said that, remember the fact that the budget is going to play a major role here. Villas in Dubai, as we all know, are quite expensive. Those that are located closer to the city centre are even more expensive. However, when you move away from the main city, towards far off areas, prices decrease marginally.

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Know about Modification & Personalisation Rules

Most people buy villas as these dwellings allow them a certain degree of personalisation. And these modifications aren’t only limited to interiors or improving the curb appeal. Some also want to make structural changes. If you, too, are buying a villa with the same intention, it’s important that you ask the seller or property developer if modifications and changes are allowed or not.

The reason why it is important to confirm allowable modifications is that some developers do not allow buyers to make structural changes to their property. Moreover, some communities, too, do not allow villa owners to make changes to the structure of the property.

Background Search

Make sure to do a thorough background search of the property developers and sellers when you are shortlisting villas. Doing this is important as it will protect you from fraud. Particularly, take into account the past work of developers. Know about their previous projects and the quality of finishing.

Check Surrounding Views

Even a seemingly beautiful villa that comes with all the modern amenities loses its value if it doesn’t offer pleasant views.

Waking up to beautiful sights of water or glistering Dubai skyline ensures a pleasant start of the day. So, make sure to check the surrounding views of shortlisted villas before finalising one. Try and avoid a home that has a lot of development going around it. The prices may be attractive, but there will be a lot of noise and air pollution. Furthermore, the surrounding views won’t be flattering either.

Focus on Amenities and Facilities

Villa lifestyle is mostly defined by state-of-the-art amenities. So, it makes complete sense to focus on this aspect when finalising one. When it comes to amenities, the more the merrier. However, prices, too, increase when there are more features, facilities, and amenities.

The Takeaway

In a nutshell, villas offer a lifestyle parallel to none. However, you will only be able to enjoy it if you have selected the right option. So, sort through all the offers for villas for sale in Dubai, take all these factors into consideration and then make an informed decision.

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