Things to Consider Before Ordering Custom T-Shirts

Things to Consider Before Ordering Custom T-Shirts

You have been tasked with purchasing custom t-shirts for an event, a business, or the upcoming family reunion, but you are not sure what to anticipate from a custom t-shirt printing service. If you have never purchased bespoke items before, it might be intimidating because the ultimate result reflects your choices and likely represents a large amount of the overall expenditure.

Here are the most important things to know about custom t-shirt printing:


  1. Quantity and price are inextricably linked.


  1. Most t-shirt printers provide bulk savings, but it is critical to understand why. 

The cost of burning screens for a screen printing job is included in the setup procedure. Because it requires a lot of effort, a limited number of t-shirts will cost more per item. However, there are price breaks in which it has been able to justify a large reduction in the price per item. It is a point of wiping out the cost of manufacturing and optimizing the screen printer’s incredible speed.

  1. What is the difference between screen printing and digital t-shirt printing?

For this question, you should examine three elements. The type of t-shirt product, the design, and the quantity required. Screen printing is the conventional way of producing custom-printed garments. However, because of the advancement of polyblend fabrics, in which a specific amount of the fabric is comprised of synthetic materials, and the desire for photo-quality completed patterns, a distinction must be made when selecting a t-shirt product. If your design is basic or if you need it printed on performance wear, such as a polyblend, you should go with screen printing.

  1. Creative Commons

We all have favorite movies, music, and other types of entertainment icons. However, unless distributed under a Creative Commons License, most photographs accessible on the Internet are owned by someone. That is, an ethical custom t-shirt printer would not print pictures and so benefit from the copyrighted or trademarked images of others. 

Furthermore, when photographs are acquired from the Internet, the quality is sometimes low resolution and will not replicate your expectations. It may appear OK on a computer screen, but when blown up to actual size, it might be disappointing. If you are unsure about the legality of utilizing a picture, please contact us and we will conduct a reverse image check to confirm any copyright problems.

 Your design is unique to you. Without your specific consent, custom printing firms should never make your artwork available for others to print. Some online custom t-shirt printers provide their clients with eCommerce storefronts where they may sell their t-shirt designs on demand. Read the small print if you are a serious reseller trying to start a clothes company.

These stores ask you to give up complete ownership of the design, and they utilize it for promotion and profit every time it is sold. While this may appear to be a low-maintenance approach to managing a shop, it makes it extremely difficult to develop a brand under your control.