The Costs and Benefits of Developing a Smart Personal Assistant App Powered by AI

The Costs and Benefits of Developing a Smart Personal Assistant App Powered by AI

Anyone who regularly uses phrases like “Hey Google!” or “Hey Siri!” will be familiar with the advantages and use cases for an AI intelligent voice assistance (IVA). AI-powered smart assistants have gained a lot of attention in today’s digital age. As these digital assistants become more popular, businesses are looking for AI personal app development costs. They also want to find a trusted company that can build them for their business.

These digital assistants can be used on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches. Google Assistant, Siri Alexa and Cortana have been the most popular voice-assistants in the US, with 142.0 million users. According Insider Intelligence more than half of US Internet users will use voice assistants by 2026.

Artificial Intelligent Assistants (IVA) are a major development which has transformed the way in which people interact with businesses that use IVA technology to provide unmatched customer service.

This article will help you understand how much it costs to develop an AI assistant app and what benefits businesses can get from using them. We have put together a guide that explains how much an AI assistant app will cost and what it can do for your business.

How much will AI personal assistant app development cost?

The cost of developing an AI-powered smart Assistant app can vary significantly based on certain factors. These include the features that the app will have, the platform (iOS or Android), the technology stack, and so on. The location of the development team, the technology stack and other factors will affect the cost.

The average cost of developing an AI personal assistant can be anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000. The integration of advanced AI technology with multiple features can increase the estimated cost. This could be upwards of $500,000.

Also, it is important to remember that the cost of development quoted is only an initial estimate. The total cost of maintaining and updating a virtual assistant is much higher. You must also consider ongoing costs such as maintenance or upgrade.

Factors Affecting the AI Personal Assistant App Cost

The cost of developing a virtual assistant can be affected by several factors. It is important to understand these factors in order to set a realistic budget when you want to build a digital assistance for your business. This section will provide a better understanding on how the factors that affect the cost of building an AI assistant can impact the cost.


The cost of developing an AI personal assistant application also depends on what features you plan to include in the app. If you are on a tight budget, it is best to reduce the number of features. To achieve a better user experience and a higher engagement rate, you should equip your virtual assistant with dozens of advanced features and digital technology.


Costs are also affected by the complexity of your AI app, such as Siri or Alexa. The complexity of the app will affect the time, capital and resources required to develop it.


Designing your AI assistant will also affect the cost of development. The cost of developing a personal AI assistant that has unique graphics and animations as well as an intuitive interface is higher than for a simple app with a standard layout. To increase customer engagement, make sure that your app is attractive and has a friendly interface.

App Platform

AI personal assistant costs are influenced by the platform that your app runs on. Creating a virtual assistant for Android and iOS aswell as web platforms will be more expensive than developing for just one platform. cross-platform app development is a way to optimize costs.

Location of the Development Team

The cost of developing a virtual assistant varies depending on where the company that develops mobile apps is located. Developers from developed countries charge more than their counterparts in developing nations. Outsourcing custom AI assistants to countries such as India will result in a significant reduction of the cost for app development compared with companies located in Africa, Europe or America.

Technology Stack

The AI-based personal assistant application development requires a lot of attractive technologies, such as programming languages, frameworks, libraries, etc. The cost of development can be greatly affected by the choice of technology stack. Using open-source tools like TensorFlow and Dialogflow, for example, can be cheaper than creating everything from scratch.

It is important to consider all of these factors when estimating AI personal assistant app costs. For an accurate development cost, consult an experienced company that develops apps on demand.

Top 10 benefits of AI-powered smart personal assistants

In recent years, AI-powered intelligent personal assistants have become increasingly popular. They can save you time and money, improve your customer service, and streamline processes. We will explore the benefits of intelligent virtual assistances to better understand how they can benefit customers and businesses.

Customer Support

Virtual assistants do not need to sleep, eat, or take a break. Virtual assistants are available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance to users of all types. With voice assistant app development you can provide 24/7 customer service on any given day. This feature is extremely valuable, especially if you are serving customers in different time zones and across multiple countries. Isn’t a personal assistant that is always on duty a great thing?

Improved Productivity

Virtual assistants are able to work quickly, relying on automation and a high level of output. This is why many large enterprises are investing in AI-powered assistants that can enhance and advance their operations.

Work-Life balance

AI virtual assistants can help businesses to provide their employees with better work-life integration. Delegating tasks can help businesses focus on other important activities, and use their free time for family, fun, leisure or whatever they want.


AI-powered intelligent assistants respond quickly to user commands and accurately. The AI-powered voice assistants use machine language processing (NLP), machine intelligence and other AI technologies in order to quickly understand and respond user requests. Most of the time, they are able to accurately answer the user’s questions with a simple voice command.

Easy Accessibility

The ability to access an intelligent voice assistant from anywhere in the world is one of its most important benefits. AI Assistant for Business is available with an internet connection.

Personalized Experience

AI-powered assistants can analyze user data and make personalized recommendations. Virtual assistants offer a humanlike customer experience, helping customers make quick and informed choices. It increases customer engagement and improves the effectiveness of marketing campaign.

Reduced wait time

Intelligent virtual assistants automate routine tasks and handle mundane challenges without the requirement of a live agent. It also collects important information, such as the customer’s name, phone number and account number. Agents can use this data to optimize their interaction. The live agents can save time by not having to ask for the information. They can then focus on the customer. The user is happy every time a company saves them a second on a support call.

Learning Opportunities

AI-powered assistants can also keep people up to date with the latest news and trends. These AI assistants can be commanded by saying, “Hey Siri/Alexa tell me today’s top stories or news.” They also have the ability to play audiobooks and podcasts as well as lectures, tutorials motivational speeches and music. These AI assistants are capable of doing anything you ask them to. They can help you gain a deeper understanding about many topics, including maths, history and science.

Routine Task Organiser

A smart AI assistant has made the lives of end users easier in many ways. Virtual assistants can perform a wide range of tasks, including processing orders, switching on/off AC, sending emails and music, calling friends, creating a to-do lists, etc.

Both companies and their customers can benefit from a custom AI personal assistant. They can improve customer service and increase business efficiency. AI technology can help any business provide a personalized and convenient experience to its customers while keeping ahead of the competition.

Top 3 AI-Powered Intelligent Assistants on the Market

Let’s look at some of the popular voice assistants on your phone. Google, Apple and Microsoft are well-known companies that have created smart assistants for millions of users around the world.

Apple Siri

Siri is the first smart assistant for iOS users. This AI-powered Assistant changes the way you interact with Apple Watches, iPhones, Macs, and iPods. The application comes pre-built, with over 600 commands. This allows users to activate Siri quickly and easily.


App Rating: 4.5/5

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa has been a favorite voice assistant for iOS, Android and Windows users, as well as Amazon devices. You can use it to listen to music, create reminders, receive daily news updates, place calls, and much more. This voice-controlled assistant also helps you to stay connected with Alexa enabled smart home devices. Alexa is a powerful assistant that can perform any task you ask her to. She will do everything from book bus tickets, order groceries, or tell you the cost of a new smartphone. Amazon made a smart business decision.

Downloads: 100M+

App Rating: 4.4/5

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a personal assistant that millions of Android users use. You can activate Google Assistant on your phone with a simple “Ok Google” command. This will allow you to control tasks such as making hands-free telephone calls, sending texts, getting information about nearby restaurants, visiting spots, etc. setting alarms and finding the closest parking space. Google Assistant has a number of features that make communication and translation easier.

Downloads: 1B+

App Rating: 4.1/5

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The trend of interacting with AI systems for finding solutions is growing. To stay ahead of the competition, companies that deal with large numbers of customers should consider creating an AI assistant to control everything.

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