The Correct Order To Apply Makeup Products

The Correct Order To Apply Makeup Products

Concealer after foundation? Blush before eyebrows? The order in which you should apply your makeup. Is it a controversial topic largely due to the differing opinions on it? What products should land on your face first?

But never fear we’re breaking down the exact sequence for putting on makeup to help take out. Some of the guesswork Apply Makeup Products. And have you looked flawless. The general rule of thumb is? After going through your skincare routine consider the texture. And staying power of what you put on next. And don’t be afraid to slightly alter the process to make it work for you.

Primer & Color Corrector

Using a primer and/or color corrector is optional. But if you choose to use either (or both) it should be done directly after your skincare routine. This will smooth Apply Makeup Products. And even out your complexion and help the product stay put longer.


Foundation acts as a foundation (no pun intended) on which to build your other makeup. Look for a formula that will enhance your skin type. And tone this will help set your other products properly. if you have even skin. You can skip foundation entirely and dab a few spots of concealer on your trouble spots instead.


Always use concealer after putting on the foundation to avoid using more product. Then necessary to stop your skin from appearing cakey. Dab our buildable Cream Concealer on the spots that need more coverage (under your eyes, over blemishes, etc.). And then soften the edges with a Blender Brush.

Blush, Bronzer, & Highlighter

To give your complexion a finishing touch. Add a pop of color to your cheeks with a blush. Get your glow on with a shimmering highlighter. And/or try your hand at contouring with our Mineral Bronzer. Layer creams under powders if you choose to use both. Apply Makeup Products which is suit your skin.

Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, & Mascara

Coated eyelashes can get in the way when you’re trying to nail winged liner. So swipe on your mascara after applying your eyeshadow and eyeliner.


Because it’s the easiest to reapply as the day wears on. Applying your lip color is always a good final step in your makeup routine. Whether you’re simply dabbing on some tinted gloss or doing a full look with liner and lipstick.

 Setting Spray or Powder

You can use one, both, or neither. But these two products (try our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist or Mosaic Illuminator). Are made to help your makeup last longer and look better as the day goes on apply them right before you head out the door.

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