Stylish Ways to Add Glass in Your Home During Renovations

Stylish Ways to Add Glass in Your Home During Renovations

Fabricating your house with glass products can add dimensional space and modern-contemporary style lifting the curb appeal of your home. Glass has been widely used in the designing of interiors especially when it comes to structuring doors, windows and furnishings. One can use glass structures to enrich the building by manipulating dimensions with light and space.


You are no more limited to the transparent white glass; you can blend it with various colours and mould it in different styling shapes that can reflect your personality- intricate frost, chic frames, glass facades, window tinting, colored stains and many more.


If you have made up your mind on renovating your house, spruce up your place with the glass touch. Here are some of the amazing ways you can incorporate glass in your home-


1) Glass Walls for the Exterior- You can be a bit crafty and bold by adding glass into your house. If you want to maintain the privacy, try assimilating glass walls in one section of the house. Doing so will not only lift the curb appeal but will make that room energy-efficient, leading to a reduction in electricity bills.


Besides, rooms with glass walls are a great way of experiencing the outside view without being affected by pollution or harmful UV rays of the sun since some of the glasses provides 99 per cent UV protection.


2) Create Chic Archways- Archway entry doors are a great way of making a way from one room to another. They could be designed using glass and minimalistic frames. Moreover, such archways could be even added to a place leading to your outdoor living space or kitchen, if you have any.


3) Glass Textured Furniture- If you do not plan to make substantial glass modifications, then incorporating it in your furniture can do equally best. For instance, you can add a unique glass table in your living room, or textured counters in your kitchen area if you have a congested kitchen.

Glass top tables makes the base looks interesting and creates an illusion of the expanded space.


4) Building in Skylights- Features like stained glass and strategically placed glass lighting will illuminate your house. Glass lights can be used to add varying colors. For instance, you can add blue glass lights for a bluish lighting effect in your living area, or you can stick to the classic yellow lights for your kitchen. Other architectural glass products can be window glass frames, mirrors and partition glass panels.


5) Use Glass Partitions- Glass partitions can be added in the bathroom area if space is less, they can separate the bathing room from the toilet. Apart from adding glass partitions to the bathroom, they can be used to divide a huge room in creating privacy, especially if you have more than two children. Another way of incorporating glass partition is by using them in the kiosks or separating the dining room from the kitchen.