Seven Tips for Safe Driving in Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai is the smallest of the seven in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is only twice the size of the dwarf country of Monaco. Among the three resorts in the emirate, one is named similarly – Dubai.

You can drive a car in Dubai only when you know some of the subtleties. You can find them with a bonus tip in this article.

Orientation in the road network of Dubai

There are excellent roads in Dubai. Their quality is one of the best in the world. There are many road junctions in the emirate, and sometimes it is challenging to understand them. Therefore, the navigator is needed. But for its quality work, it is better to buy a local SIM card.

Maps and Smart Drive have proven themselves as the official navigator from RTA (Emirates transport agency).

In Dubai, right-hand traffic. Roundabouts at intersections: priority is given to those driving in roundabouts. If this rule is cancelled, a select road sign will warn about it.

The speed limit must not be exceeded in the emirate of Dubai. In cities it is 60 km / h, outside the city – 100 km / h. A speeding penalty will lighten the offending driver’s wallet by AED 100 or more.

With thousands of automatic surveillance cameras and radars monitoring drivers’ behavior on the emirate roads, the number of speed violators is continually decreasing. With it, the number of road accidents is decreasing.

Motorists who will travel on the roads of the UAE for the first time are recommended to purchase a particular laser disk containing detailed information about the country’s streets.

In general, the organization of traffic in Dubai today is one of the best in the world. There are practically no traffic jams because drivers are not delayed by traffic lights – there are always branches that allow you to turn right at intersections.

Road signs are installed right at intersections, but they are duplicated in English.

The specificity of attitude towards foreigners

In the Emirates, it is not customary to treat foreign guests with condescension. The fact is that tourists who are to blame for a significant number of road accidents do not have time to adapt to the peculiarities of local roads and massively violate traffic rules.

A foreigner driving in Dubai needs to consider the particular driving style of local motorists. On the roads, no one will give in to tourists and help in difficult situations. You should be extremely careful, concentrating entirely on the road.

Payment of parking lots and fines

If you leave your car in the wrong place in Dubai, it can “disappear” by going to the car parking lot. The location of the vehicle can be found by calling 999. But the car will be returned only after paying a fine of 50-75 dirhams.

Note: prices are subject to change.

All parking in Dubai is paid (two dirhams per hour). The driver receives a voucher for payment in a particular device at the entrance; when leaving the parking lot, he presents it and pays for the time spent.

There is no need to pay for parking from 1 pm to 4 pm.

If a driver is fined by the traffic police for a violation, it cannot be paid on the spot. You will have to go to the Traffic Police Department and present the receipt presented by the policeman.

The latter should not be offered money – for a bribe, you can end up in jail. You can’t even argue with the police. If the driver has been deprived of his license for a gross violation of traffic rules, he will be able to return them only after paying the fine. By the way, a traffic policeman in Dubai will stop the car only in case of a severe violation (going into an oncoming lane, for example, or driving through red traffic light). In this case, a penalty receipt will be handed over at the place of stop.

If the driver commits a minor mistake (speaks on his cell phone while driving, drives with an unfastened seat belt), he will not be stopped. But the violation will still be recorded in a single database. Everything that accumulates over the year will be presented to the driver for payment when passing the next technical inspection.

Witnessing accidents

Since the distance between cars in the Emirates is rarely more than 4 m, three or more cars become its participants in the event of a road accident. Even minor damage should be the reason for calling the traffic police (number 999). The arriving employee draws up a certificate of an accident, and only after that, it will be possible to apply for insurance.

Many local drivers’ careless attitude to comply with the speed limits also leads to an increase in accidents. So, within the city, some move not at the permissible 60 km / h, but 120 km / h. On the other hand, foreigners do not have time to react to such driving by other road users, which increases the risk of getting into an accident situation.

Why the driver can go to jail

The most severe offence is driving without a license. A driving license in Dubai must be local or international, and a national driving license is not recognized. When the driver is stopped but does not have a license, the term of imprisonment can be from one to six months (or the court will impose a fine that can reach 6 thousand dirhams).

If an accident occurs, then the driver without a license will not be paid for insurance, and the damage from damage to his own and someone else’s car will have to be reimbursed on his own.

If there are injured or dead in an accident, you will have to pay much more, the registration certificate will be withdrawn, and the car will be sent to the police parking lot.

Therefore, you cannot sit down without a license in Dubai. Going to this country, take care of obtaining an international driver’s license in advance.

Bonus Tip: Tyres

The technical regulation “On the safety of wheeled vehicles” contains a classification of tires, as well as a ban on the use of tires out of season. Also, rules are being introduced regarding the tread depth of tires.

There are rules for changing tires not only depending on the season but also on the weather.
Tyre damage is believed to be the cause of one in seven accidents. 47% of road accidents are due to wear, and more than 30% are due to the tyres’ inappropriateness to the weather.

Do a little research on the popular brands of tires in Dubai for a much more detailed guide.

So, to summarize all of the above. For safe driving in Dubai:

  • observe the speed limit and distance;
  • do not drive a car without a license;
  • only get behind the wheel when sober;
  • watch the interference on the left;
  • Avoid driving along the left lane – “reckless drivers” are moving there;
  • install a local navigator;
  • learn to read road signs;
  • Make sure your tires are in good condition.


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