Setting off lunk alarm Planet Fitness

Setting off lunk alarm Planet Fitness

Heard about lunk alarm or Planet fitness before? Though these two terms are well known to gym users. If that sounds strange to you and you want to know more, please stick to this piece and read through to the end.

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Planet Fitness is an American fitness company with over 2000 fitness clubs. They are based in Hampton, New Hampshire. It is for people who would like to work out in a gym environment. So they have all the facilities to help people achieve their workout goals in their environment. They also have over 2000 well-trained and mannered staff to attend to people.


For reasons good enough to keep the serenity of the environment and other cogent reasons, a Planet Fitness lunk alarm is installed in its gym. Though, most people hate to hear the alarm when it sounds especially the big weight carriers. The way this works is that whenever any sound comes up in the gym for a while the lunk alarm will sound. Notifying the whole environment of such sustained sound in the gym.


For people that engage in high impact, loud, and noisy, weightlifting drills and yelling, Planet Fitness may not be the best option for you because of the lunk alarm. This is because the alarm will keep sounding as soon as the noise or sound keeps up. So people who bang the wight on the ground may constantly be initiating the lunk alarm.


Planet Fitness wants to remind you that being in their facility for the workout is not about competition but to stay in shape. When people workout for competition’s sake, you can heave all the noise, yelling, and weight banging or dropping. Those doing workouts to stay in shape need focus. This explains why the lunk alarm is seen as an advantage for Planet Fitness. It is even used in their advert.


The high-weight carriers feel embarrassed by this lunk alarm sound. Even the fact that they are sent out when they are the cause of the sound for too much. This embarrassment is the big deal for many especially those that are encouraged by the sounds of weight dropping. Yes, some people said they love to hear the sound of weight dropping. It makes them feel they are in the gym.


In the real fact, Planet Fitness is committed to this use of lunk alarm and for many, it is a concern since people are complaining. The truth is that it shows their commitment to the weight watchers who are using the workout to achieve personal body goals. At least they won’t feel intimidated and they will also be able to maintain their focus. After all, Planet Fitness was designed with these people in mind.


With this, I believe you would have understood what Planet Fitness really stand for and why they make good use of the lunk alarm even though this may not be accepted by all. But they are keeping to their promise and supporting their real intended customers.