Sale on Christmas – Decorations and Accents sale of Christmas


These holiday and household items are on sale for a fraction of the prices on the day after Christmas. You can print out the expanded free printable shopping checklist and take it with you while you shop.

When it comes to the day after Christmas sales, I can’t seem to resist going to the stores. I don’t shop on Black Friday, but I do for the day after Christmas sales. In the store’s clearance section, I add items for next Christmas and items for the entire year.

Decorations and accents for Christmas

Christmas decor is rarely bought at total price because after-Christmas sales offer up to 50 percent on decorations. Many stores even offer discounts on Christmas decor before the holiday, so while you’re shopping for last-minute gifts keep an eye out for great deals.

Decorations for Christmas

After Christmas, my favorite thing is to pick up ornaments, but I don’t just buy them for the tree. Additionally, I like to purchase ornaments to decorate packages or to put on chairs. When I complete my Christmas gift wrapping for the year, I store the decorations in the attic until next year.

Paper Wrappings

The best time to purchase gift wrap supplies is after Christmas when wrapping paper, bags, decorative boxes, and other items are on sale.

Stocking up on quality paper is essential to me. Papers with foil flocked, and glittery patterns are my favorites but are expensive at total price. I’ll be buying wrapping paper for next year’s Christmas on the 26th, but I’ll also be shopping for gift wrap to use year-round. If you hunt, you can find patterns that aren’t holiday-specific that you can use for birthdays and other occasions year-round.


Make sure you grab the discounted tape while you’re at the store for wrapping paper. If you want to take advantage of this deal, you’re going to need to get there early since hardcore bargain hunters often buy up all of the merchandise first things in the morning.

Paper Goods

You may not have thought about looking for these items on the day after sale on Christmas. Many stores offer half-off paper goods as long as they are packaged for the holiday season, including paper towels, napkins, plates, tissues, foil plastic wrap, baggies, and plastic food storage containers.

Cleaning Supplies

Dishwashing liquid and hand soap are also susceptible to this kind of contamination. If you’re looking for Christmas deals, look for Christmas packaging!

Kitchen Items and Cookware

Bakeware, cookie sheets, and other holiday-themed packaging are available in red and green. These seasonal items will be deeply discounted after the holidays to clear them out. Some things can be used year-round. Others can be used as holiday gifts or for baking.


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