Not Working. What Should I Do? Not Working. What Should I Do?

I am not able to access web address. Tried hard to fix not working error but nothing works.  What do I do now? If such queries are boggling your mind as well, then this post will let you know how to fix not working issue in minutes. Keep reading!

Solved: Not Working Issue

Follow the Correct Router Login Steps

Nearly 80 percent of router users are not familiar with the correct steps to access the web address. They usually get stuck with error messages and unable to access the routerlogin page. That’s why we have mentioned the correct steps that will help you access routerlogin page without ado. Have a quick glance at the routerlogin steps given-below.

  • Plug your router into a working and non-damage wall socket near to your modem.
  • Wait for the power LED on your router to become stable.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to your modem.
  • Pull up a web browser on your PC or laptop. Remember, an outdated PC or laptop will not let you access the routerlogin page. So, to prevent this, always use an up-to-date device to get access over
  • Type in the address bar.
  • Hit the Enter key and you will be redirected to routerlogin page.
  • Fill in the default routerlogin details into the required fields when prompted.
  • Click on Log In.

That’s it! In this manner, you can login to router using In the event that you are still encountering with not working error even after following the correct routerlogin steps, head towards the next tactic highlighted below.

Enter the Correct Web Address

Maybe there are typos in the routerlogin web address you have entered. Or you have entered the web address in the search bar of the internet browser.

No matter whatever the case is with you. If you have done any one of the above-mentioned mistakes, then not working error is going to be with you. Therefore, to fix not working error, enter the web address correctly without any typos in the URL bar of the web browser.

Use the Up-to-Date Web Browser Version

Another most important thing that you need to consider while accessing the routerlogin page is the web browser version you are using. Bear in mind that outdated web browser versions are not compatible with the web address due to which you may get stuck with routerlogin errors.

Therefore, to fix not working error, use only the latest web browser version.

Clean Your Web Browser

The Next solution to fix not working error is to clean your internet browser. Delete all the cache, cookies, junk files, and browsing history, restart your device and try accessing the routerlogin page again.

Relocate Your Router

If you have kept your router near to walls, windows, and in corners, then it can be a reason why are you seeing not working error. In addition to that, if your router is placed away from your modem, then you will not be able to access routerlogin page. The reason being, your router won’t receive constant and live WiFi signals from your modem.

So, always keep your router at a certain distance of thick walls, windows, and corners, If possible, place your router in the same room as that of your modem.

Use the Default Router IP Address

Try using your router’s default IP address i.e. to access the routerlogin page.

Still Not Working?

If the same not working issue is spinning your head, feel free to contact our technical experts via comments. They will thoroughly guide you to make the web address working in minutes.