Rajmachi Trek – Full Guide

Ever visited the land of your dreams? If affirmative then its time to travel to yet again  and if no this is it. The unending  beauty will find} here can bewitch you and compel you to travel here till the  time you wont get bored of it.The place is unexplainably pretty that you  that you just simply wont be ready to take your eyes off them, its impression will last as long as you live. With every minute you’ll own up a new secret about the place and will be  exciting and should keep you rejuvenated for entire time.

One of captivating  treks that is environment friendly which preserves our cultural heritage. The trip  is enticing attended with gorgeous flora and fauna so the entire journey includes such tremendous amount  of beautiful and serene sights that one couldn’t take their eyes off it.

About the place 

There are 2 routes to Rajmachi Fort and both the routes are equal to each other. First one ascending from Lonavala and the other one ascends from Kondivde or Kondhane village in Karjat Taluka of Raigad District. History owes a lot to the gorgeous fort with its unending beauty, inheriting rugged hills of Sahyadri Mountains.The twin fortresses Shriwardhan and Manaranjan with a good mass consisting the 2 Balekillas.  Rajmachi Fort might even be a historical Fort having a pair of fastness forts in Lonavala. Forts of Rajmachi Lonavala , Shrivardhan and Manaranjan.

Lonavala Rajmachi distance is 15 kilometres long and it’s nearly a comprehensible walk, therefore the distance unveils its exciting trail. From Kondivade or Kondhane village, it’s a steep climb up to Rajmachi..5 hours to hide the gap by foot. It may be moderate level of trek so the beginners may find it difficult than frequent ones. The route goes through Khandala, Kune Village, Della journey Resort, Patel Dam, Phanasrai and Jambhali Phata. Della Resort might even be a good road.


Since it’s a trek you need to be prepared for every situation and keep heat shoes, heat jackets , sensible quality trekking shoes, one waterproof bag for wet clothes, bottle , cash as ATM facilities don’t seem to be present everywhere around you, encampment materials, insect killer spray, torch with  spare batteries and more clothes ,towels and a cap or a hat to protect  yourself from direct sunshine and socks and power bank for mobiles and variety of important wants.

Rajmachi Fort is a  protected monument. The fort command a very important historical value am fond of it pictured a strategic role within the first Anglo-Maratha War.The Fort is at academic degree altitude of 3000 feet and together the trekking distance is fourteen metric linear measure .You can set your base camp in Udhewadi. The place is visitable all around the year and will be very hospitable to you.

How to reach?

Rajmachi are often a notable spot for trekking in modern Lonavala Hill Stations. Lonavala to Rajmachi Fort is a long distance  from Lonavala but the trail you may witness will be unexplainable. There are many routes to reach  Rajmachi Fort, we can set an  overnight beautiful camp at Udhewadi Village that’s factual gorgeous place for encampment and you’ll be ready to very relish the serene weather is found below the 2 Balekilla through the whole winter and summer months. You see the whitish waterfalls from Shrivardhan Fort.Rajmachi Fort on the point of Karjat has many undiscovered beauty of caves used  by trekkers for night halt. Imagine a day where you will be ready to have the sensation of the amount of your time , the thought very provides me goosebumps. Rajmachi Fort is found in  high Borghat with  trade route in Sahyadri Mountains. Rajmachi Fort are often a historical blessing having 2 fastness forta in Lonavala.

A journey where in you will find extreme happiness, because the place entertains everything that one desires to see. It’s similar to a paradise. The place is very hospitable and you will like you are at home over here.It will be like a meditation tour as such trips not only cleanses your mind and body but also brings on a new set of energy within you that will take you  confidence to next level  and increase your efficiency and productivity.


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