Protecting Your Grass In Summer

Protecting Your Grass In Summer

From catching some rays to family gatherings and barbeques, Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your garden. But with Australia’s gorgeous weather comes the threat of a damaged lawn and garden. While afternoon showers and the bright sun can give your lawn the food it needs to thrive, excessive amounts of moisture and heat can be just as damaging!

Here is what you need to know about protecting your grass and garden from the summer heat.

What is Heat Stress?

Also known as drought stress, heat stress refers to the damage that occurs when plants and grass are exposed to excessive amounts of heat while not receiving enough moisture. The most common signs that your garden is suffering from heat stress include:

Patches of discolouration

This is one of the most common signs of heat stress. The more heat your garden receives the more discolouration will appear. Typically brown in colour, larger and more frequent patches will appear the farther they are from the moisture.

Wilted blades of grass or leaves

Leaves and blades of grass that are wilted are a sign that the plant is getting too much sun and not getting enough water.

Hard soil

One of the easiest ways to test for heat stress (apart from colouration) is to test the density of the soil. If the soil is hard and compact under discoloured patches of grass, you are likely dealing with heat stress. 

Lawn Care In Summer

Heat stress is especially common during, hot, dry months. As such it is important to pay special attention to your lawn and garden during these months. You can reduce the risk of heat stress by:

Watering deeply

While it is recommended to water your lawn less, you should still water it deeply. Doing this ensures that water reaches all the roots and encourages deeper growth, allowing your lawn to reach more moisture during the hottest months of the year.

Sharpen your lawnmower

A dull lawnmower blade tears the grass as opposed to cutting it. While this may shorten the grass, this leaves openings for moisture to leak from their blades. Using a sharp blade ensures a clean cut that minimises the moisture that is lost.

Aerate the soil

Regularly opening up and mixing the soil allows the grass to easily reach moisture when they need it.

Keep Your Garden Green In Summer With Surf N Turf

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