Premade Book Cover Design How to Catch a Reader Interst from the Shelf

Premade Book Cover Design How to Catch a Reader Interst from the Shelf

Your book might be available located in a traditional bookstore or available through an online retailer, however one thing remains. The cover must be designed in a way that grabs the attention of readers and makes them want to read the book’s description that will then persuade readers to purchase and go on to read your book. The book’s cover is one of two major elements which determine its success in regard to attracting attention and making them buy. 

1.) Your cover must be a picture that conveys the mood the book.

It can be a person, a scene or a landscape item image. What’s the difference, you think? A character scene is when there is a character in the book experiencing an event which is integral to the plot. The scene must provide a sense of atmosphere that draws the reader’s attention. As an example, you might be able to have your main character sitting on a ridge, looking out at an imposing mountain range from a distant distance, or your character might be kneeling in front of an unmarked grave or fighting an animal.

Landscape images are anything that is not centered as a constituent. For instance, you have the picture of a castle in an eerie night or a ship wreck in an icy bay. An item image is an image that highlights the main theme. For instance, you could see a blood-stained knife lying on a table, or even a doorway set on a black background. This is all about creating a sense of emotion in the person who is watching. If a reader who enjoys horror novels sees a cover that features an image of a vampire or a zombie on the cover then you can be certain that they will go to it. If someone who is a fan of murder mysteries finds a book with an eerie note and knife in the front cover curiosity will take over for them, and they will have the book scrutinized at.

We now come to the second aspect:

2.) Certain colors attract attention and trigger emotions.

A great deal of study has been conducted to study the impact of color on people’s attention. For instance, red is extremely effective in attracting attention, particularly when paired with black or white. Blue with white is not the same. Blue with white is quite common, but often overlooked. This does not mean that you should choose only certain colors but it’s the fact that certain colors will draw attention to your eyes more than other combinations.

It has also been discovered that certain colors can trigger feelings. Red is thought to trigger anxiety, which is the reason it is often used as warning signals and stop warning signs. Green is thought to be extremely calm and relaxing. It is a warm color frequently used to relax.

If you think about the above points when you design your book’s cover, you will be able to craft an attractive cover that grabs your prospective readers’ attention and encourages readers to purchase your book rather than the others surrounding it. We always recommend Digiart for cheap book covers, the quality is amazing for the price!