Personality and Behaviours of Persian Cats – Tips

Personality and Behaviours of Persian Cats – Tips

One of the most appeasing feelings is when you adopt a pet cat that not only puts you through a roller coaster of happiness and restlessness at the same time, but also surprises you with sudden purrs and scratches every morning. Similar is the feeling of adopting a Persian cat, that is not only effortlessly beautiful looking, but is also an uncommonly affectionate cat. As cats are vividly known for their notorious attitudes, these Persian cats are very common for their calm behaviour. However mostly, they are known for their good looks.

The origin of these cats goes way back to 1626, as that was the year when Mr. Pietro Della Valle, a citizen of Italy had brought this cat into picture and it became rather famous for its distinctive features and a specific colour, and was even known of have come from the Middle East. Later through discovery, it was actually manually breaded, these Persian cats and the scientists actually found out different colours to these cats much later.

As more research was conducted, the lifespan of these cats was understood to be in terms of their growth and adaptability, and their estimate was about fifteen years. Other research also mentioned that 76% of these Persian cats have the ability to survive till 12 years, and only 52% of them have the ability to live up till 15 years. These Persian cats also weigh approximately between 7-12 pounds.

Upon further research it was understood, that these Persian cats had a hundred other types, which upon further categorization were put into the following groups:

  • Group 1: Their hair was monochrome, the colour of which remains the same from their root till the tip.
  • Group 2: They contain suppressor genes.
  • Group 3: Their genes are Himalayan.
  • Group 4: their genes are agouti.

Along there categorizations, there are other ‘types’ of Persian cats. These could be also be further characterized in terms of Himalayan, Persian and Angoras, Exotic, Coloration and so on.

As this was discovered, another important feature about these cats was that they were carnivore, as they belonged to the cat family all by itself. In some or the other form, Persians would consume meat and this was also the same routine given to cats and therefore food like fish, goat milk and so on is best suitable for them. What should be avoided are sugar, alcohol and so on. There are a few diseases like dental problems, kidney failure, fungal infections and so on that these cats can get diagnosed with, if kept in unsatisfactory environments.

A major cause of death is their own face structure, as this often causes them breathlessness. Therefore, maintaining them is important and they should be bathed, groomed well and their matts removed regularly. Eye diseases due to too much exposure should also be avoided.

With their joyous nature they not only mingle with everyone, but they also become playful and adapt to the surroundings well enough except of course, with dogs. There are certain measures like the cost of this cat, colours, registered breeds and so on that one should be aware of before purchasing them.

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