Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries And Its Treatments

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries And Its Treatments

Many people never anticipate a motor vehicle accident. It is not something any of us plan on. Nonetheless, many people likely end up in some kind of traffic accident in one way or another in our lives. The severity of motor vehicle accidents can range from mild to fatal accidents.

The potential physical injury resulting from the motor vehicle accident might seem benign to us at first, but its consequences can be long-term. Often the symptoms come to the surface after weeks or months of motor vehicle accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to seek motor vehicle injury treatment instantly following the accident to diagnose and treat injuries promptly.

Common motor vehicle accident injuries.

As per the association for safe international road travel, roughly 37000 people meet death in auto accidents every year in America. Also, 2.35 million suffer injuries or are disabled as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

Injuries from car accidents can differ from minor sprains to instance head and back injuries. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is vital to seek medical attention quickly, as some injuries might appear after a while. Though, some injuries are more common than others. They can differ from muscle sprain to fracture to life-altering head injuries.

Common motor vehicle accident injuries include the following;

–      Whiplash and neck sprain.

Whiplash and neck strain are likely the most common issues emerging from auto accidents, specifically rear-end collisions. These happen due to the head’s sudden backward or forward motion, which has been caused by intense force.

Ligaments and muscle tissue are frequently strained and stretched due to the jerk impact of the motor vehicle accident, and it can take days to come to the surface. You will be able to find numerous options for whiplash treatment in Calgary.

Whiplash symptoms can take up to 72 hours to appear post-accident.

Common symptoms are;

–      Dizziness.

–      Neck pain and stiffness.

–      Loss of range of motion.

–      Tingling or pain in the shoulder.

–      Pain in the upper back or arms.

–      Fatigue.

–      Worsening of pain with neck movement.

–      Tenderness or pain in the shoulder.

–      Chest injuries.

Chest injuries are a common part of motor vehicle accidents. Frequently, these result from the chest impacting the steering wheel or dashboard, pressing up against the seatbelt, the whole body being suddenly jostled about, or combining these factors.

Chest injuries can emerge from;

–      Bruises.

–      Chest pain.

–      Shoulder, arm and rib cage pain.

–      Trouble breathing.


–      Shock.

–      Extreme shortness of breath.

–      Pain while moving the shoulder, rib cage or arm.

–      Bruising.

–      Trouble breathing.

–      Sharp or severe pain in the chest.

–      Worsening pain while you cough and sneeze or breathe deeply.

–      Concussion.

It occurs due to a sudden jolt or shaking of the head and upper body during a motor vehicle accident. It can also create trauma that affects the functioning of the brain. Many injuries that result from MVA, the symptoms of concussion can take some time to manifest.


–      Nausea.

–      Fatigue.

–      Dizziness.

–      Memory loss.

–      Amnesia surrounding the event.

–      Temporary loss of consciousness.

–      Headache.

–      Sleep disturbances.

–      Brain injuries.

It is very traumatic as it might not include any visible signs, cuts or bruises. It happens when the brain violently moves around inside the skull. Many of the same symptoms that manifest with concussions are also visible in traumatic brain injuries.


–      Headaches.

–      Fatigue.

–      Dizziness.

–      Depression.

–      Memory loss.

–      Confusion.

–      Seizures.

–      Irritability.

–      Poor attention.

–      Visual disturbances.

Other than the injuries mentioned earlier, MVA includes PTSD, internal bleeding, broken ribs and bones, and spinal cord injuries.

There are numerous ways to treat the MVA. Here are the most common ones;

Passive joint mobilization – here, the physiotherapist will gently move one’s arms, neck and legs to help them alleviate pain and restore movement.

Acupuncture – Pain and inflammation are greatly minimized by injecting the needles into specific parts of the body.

Massage therapy – it involves massage techniques that can calm one’s aching muscles and joints while making them feel relaxed.

Custom orthotics – these are the knee braces and orthopedic inserts for your shoes to help you distribute your weight to recover.

Electrotherapy – with the combination of TENS machines and laser and ultrasound therapy, it can help you to regain your movement. It is passive therapy because the machines will do all the work to reduce tissue inflammation.

Thus, if you have been involved in any motor vehicle accident, it is better to seek medical treatment on the dot without any delay. To get better and alleviate the pain, you can take treatment from MVA physical therapy.


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