What are the Modern Features of IoT Development?

IoT Development

With the exponential rise of the mobile app development industry in this age of digitalization and information, innovations and technologies are coming up. The Internet of things (IoT) is part of one such technology. The Internet of things (IoT) came to reality just a few years ago, but it is gaining high ground rapidly. And now, people from various sectors like retail, healthcare, agriculture etc., are enjoying the fruits of IoT solutions.

The Internet of things (IoT) can help interaction and communication at any level. The increasing pent-up demand for such apps and the easy utilization are the two primary factors that are pushing the demand for IoT application development services in the market.

As per the one statistic, by 2030, there will be roughly 25 billion Internet of things (IoT) connected devices worldwide.

In this blog, we will discuss the Internet of things (IoT) and modern features that one should deploy in IoT development.

Defining Internet of things (IoT).

Internet of things (IoT) technology is the network of physical things that are developing rapidly in the modern era. Due to the Internet of things (IoT), the IP address, the fundamental of all mobile applications, has become more resilient and stronger. Certainly, Internet of things (IoT) technology is delivering the best connectivity that we never dreamt of.

To put it simply, Internet of things (IoT) technology is one of the modern technologies that aid us with nearly every aspect of life. Thus, everything that is working on the Internet can be connected by the Internet of things (IoT). Due to this reason, IoT technology will help us to control our everyday devices, even if we are not present at the home, office or anywhere.

IoT made our lives more meaningful as the data sharing between the gadgets ensures a smooth user experience. Improved visibility acquired from the data sharing is improving the quality of the mobile app.  

Modern features of IoT (Internet of things) app development that you should consider.

–      Connectivity.

The connectivity feature is all about messaging between connected devices and the cloud. With the help of connectivity protocols and related security features, IoT devices can access the cloud to send or receive data and perform various remote actions.

The choice between HTTP and MQTT transport relies on your device communication requirements. MQTT is entirely asynchronous, open, and enables arbitrary message formats. While HTTP binding is synchronous, it follows the request-response communication pattern and does not allow server message push. Also, you can select from encrypted or unencrypted channels for both of them. You should use the encrypted channel for sensitive data or the unencrypted channel for open data.

–      Device management.

To allow the device management feature, you should register digital twins that represent things, devices, and other entities managed by the platform. You should choose a provider who can let you store device attributes that offer more detailed information about the traits of the device. For instance, such attributes can be MAC address, serial number, software version, location etc. Also, simple data types, attributes can include more abstract, structured objects, like the list of connected peripherals and their properties.

You can construct the filters based on the device attributes to segment your device populace into manageable groups. To connect to the platform, the device will have to present valid credentials like tokens, pre-shared keys, login password combination, certificates etc.

–      Data collection.

You should use protocol for collecting data from connected devices. An easy protocol will ensure reliable data delivery with response codes that show the platform’s data processing. Afterwards, you can dispatch the data to various processing pipelines. In case any error occurs, you should make sure that it will be notified. The protocol supports batching, which can help in minimizing network usage and improve data. It offers your devices with the capability to buffer data locally prior to uploading it in one message. Also, intermediary gateways can perform store and forward operations.

–      Data processing and analytics.

You should provide data processing and analytics features with the help of the platform. It can allow you to send data to various databases or data analytics systems. You can transfer the unstructured and raw data into well-structured time series, convenient for pattern analysis, charting and visualization and so forth.

Other than the aforementioned modern features, you should also ensure that you consider the following with mobile application development.

–      Security.

–      Triggers, alerts, and notifications.

–      Data visualizations.

–      Configuration management.

–      Over the air updates.

–      Multitenancy.


With the help of the modern features mentioned above, you can develop a top-notch IoT (Internet of things) app that can stand the test of time.


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