Memecoins for Women

Memecoins for Women

At this time people in crypto are aware that memecoins can give outlandish results and lifechanging money if you find the right one. People in the mainstream could see how Dogecoin did a 100X within a week and its predecessor Shiba Inu 46,000,000% is a result for the Guinness world records. Naturally this has attracted many people to the space looking for the next memecoin to pop off. Google searches for ”the next memecoin to explode” are getting all the more common and why not? We all need money and people have seen record breaking gains not only in Bitcoin and BNB, but in NFT:s like the Crypto Punks and the Bored Apes Yachtclub as well. People are on the lookout for the next big winner around crypto. 

Womens movement are not only feminists at different clubs and communities discussing the #MeToo movement. Women are also in tech, in crypto and in NFT:s as discussed on Twitter and several other places. #WomenInTech, #WomenInCrypto and #WomenInNFTs are hashtags to take seriously. Searching on these terms can be beneficial for both your mental health and your overall economy. 

  1. Studies about Women in Cryptocurrencies

If you do some research about Women in Crypto you might come across Nancy Gordon from Bakkt. Bakkt has done research on how women enter crypto. Their studies show that the gender gap between men and women in crypto is narrowing down. Women often receive crypto as a gift, they like to redeem loyalty points for crypto or they like to earn crypto. The majority would like to get crypto as a gift. If you check the stats for what cryptos women own and compare them to men there seems to be a small bias for Dogecoin among female crypto holders. There is also a bias against Ethereum – possibly women dislike the high fees in the Ethereum blockchain. 

A survey for BlockFi suggests the time is ripe for more women in crypto. 

Taking all of this into account it appears that females are more ready than ever to buy memecoins related to Dogecoin and they might also be right in doing so. In the last bullrun Dogecoin and Shiba Inu vastly outperform more bluechip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. 

  1. The future of Memecoins for WomenInCrypto

New memecoins designed for women could become much bigger than we think. Predicting the future is impossible if you are not a Nostradamus, but there are a few trends that you could pick up on. The new memecoin $SHELON is especially catered to female investors. The dog $SHELON obviously has a name beginning with SHE for a reason. Other coins that spin on the female trend are Ethereum based coins Shina Token and Shiba Girlfriend. However, as covered previously, studies about cryptocurrencies indicate that women are not really into Ethereum based tokens. Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain have cheaper fees and are probably more convenient for a growing number of women. 

Could $SHELON be the perfect storm for women in crypto? Not only is $SHELON based on the more convenient blockchain delivered by Binance. It will also give women a passive income in $DOGE or Dogecoin, a popular crypto among female investors. As you can also earn $SHELON for free by playing games or participating in contests it tunes into what other studies show: $SHELON gives women crypto as rewards either in its native token $SHELON or in the popular and well known crypto $DOGE sometimes referred to as digital copper. 

  1. The case for $SHELON

From what we see above there is a case for $SHELON becoming a big crypto for women. However, there are certainly great uncertainties if this will actually become the case. At the time of writing this article the world economy might be entering a recession and Bitcoin has crashed down from almost 70.000 USD to about 20.000 USD. Nothing in this life can be taken for granted. $SHELON might or might not take off. We really don’t know what the future will bring. If you would like to learn more about SHELON BSC you can study their homepage or join the Shelonian Friendship Lounge, a community dedicated to spreading the love for the meme coin $SHELON around the world. 


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