Linksys Setup Tips to Troubleshoot Internet Issues

Linksys Setup Tips to Troubleshoot Internet Issues

You are having a Linksys router and don’t know how to Set it up? having a number of problems to set up the extender and router of linksys. No worries we are up with a number of linksys extender setup tips. Carefully read the article.

What Maximum Speed It Gives

These router’s offer 2,000 square feet of coverage likewise Setup is providing high speed to tri-band Wi-Fi. However, the performance is decreasing with every passing day, And so is the speed of the Wi-Fi.

 Login Router

  • To start with Your router should be attached to your modem.
  • Now open the Web browser while you connect your laptop to the router.
  • In addition, open the internet web page to Setup .
  • From here you can login the internet router login internet page.
  • Press the ‘login’ button after entering the default login credentials of the router.
  • As a result Press the Save button once you are done.

Router Configuration 

​Given instructions can connect you to the router, but you have to physically connect it. 

  • To start with connecting the router, you have to plug it well.
  • After that, remove any cable that is still attached to your computer. 
  • Plug in the modem power adapter and verify if the power light is ON so that we can assure the extender is proper work.
  • Connect the router. Plug one side to the back of your linksys extender and the other into the router.
  • Now connect the router to your computer.
  • Finally, check whether to plug in the router power adapter and assess if the power LED is ON.

 Enable or Disable WiFi Multimedia QoS

WMM QoS – Wi-Fi multimedia Quality of service. Essentially, it prioritizes the Wi-Fi and video traffic on the WI-FI links. We can turn on this feature by default. In this method the internet data packets can be accessed by four different categories. Which do we call the best effort,  background, voice, and video? Service for Wi-Fi Multimedia Quality:

  • First at your laptop or your computer open a web browser which you use frequently.
  • Then, visit the interface of your web user.
  • Now you need to enter the admin password and user ID.
  • Once you login enter the wireless setting section.
  • To make the settings possible of WMM, you have to reach the settings of the WMM setting box.
  • To uncheck the box to WMM settings you have to open up the box saying the same message, to disable the WMM features you need to uncheck the box.
  • Click on the Apply button finally.

LAN Cable Connect

For accessing the router via a you have to access a web browser a login type

  • To begin with, router should be plugged on.
  •  Always make sure, that your router is connected to your device either through the Ethernet cable or through the internet. But the internet should be active.
  • Therefore, open a web browser. 
  • As a result, in the address bar or URL of the web browser Enter
  • Hence, the setup process is complete here.

Easiest of all Reset

Now, you can Reset the Router modem. Find the small factory reset button for approximately 20 seconds, here the preocess is complete. And the router will be all set to run properly again. 

At your home network setup your linksys

  1. To start, the process user has to unbox the configuration card which can help you perform the Setup process.
  2. In addition, connect the Ethernet port modem and Ethernet cable with their respective ends to the LAN port of the router.
  3. After that, plug your router to an electric outlet of your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Now, be patient as your linksys has started up properly, to check whether your device has successfully turned on is the LED light blinking on your router.
  5. If the router has successfully turned on then the router would probably turn on white on the LED.
  6. Using the power adapters you can plugin the extender  in the same room.
  7. Your linksys Wi-fi mesh system should be within the range or in the same room. Using the power adapters.
  8. As a result open the app store as the connection process is complete now.
  9. By clicking on the continue button the network access will allow.


We hope this article is very helpful in resolving all your issues regarding linksys extender login. And other Setup issues.