Laka Glacier Trek Full Guide 2021

The simplest Himalayan trek in Triund is Laka glacier trek which offers  great picturesque views and its own stunning beauty that surrounds Kangra valley. It has gained a lot of popularity for its scenic beauty and adventurous nature. It is known to be set at an altitude of 9500 ft above sea level and when you reach the top you get to see the mesmerizing beauty of the whole scenery around you. It is located near Mcleodganj which gained vast popularity as it gives you an adventurous and thrilling fun. The trekking distance it covers is 13kms where you will get to see the real scenic beauty. You also get a chance of camping there in the middle of laka glacier which becomes even more breathtaking for you. 

The trek is all about defined trekking trails that will make all your anxiety, tiredness and boredom completely away from you and you will experience a sense of refreshness under the sheer beauty of nature. When you trek you feel a unity with nature and you regain all your strength physically as well as mentally when you see the magic of Laka Glacier trek. 

That’s not it the best part of Laka Glacier trek is its mountain which provides different views from different points and adding a sense of spellbound surprises that will be completely unexpected and thrilling for you. 

So get yourself to this embarking journey and start your arrival from Mcleodganj to explore the hidden beauty of great himalayas. You get to camp overnight in Triund. And then with the sun rising above in the morning prepare yourself to trek to laka got glaciers to play with snow and gain a sight of the mountains covered with snow. And at the end you will just take the beautiful memories with you that you captured. 


Day 01- Trekking to leta camps 

Start your trekking journey by arriving at the starting point of Mcleodganj centre in the morning. Trek to the leta village which takes 4 hours to reach and there you will explore the Dhauladhar and Kangra himalayas which will marvel you. What next, enjoy your dinner over the mountains while camping overnight. 

Day 02- Trekking to Laka Glacier

Before going to trek have an energised breakfast and refresh your morning.  Then start on for trekking from leta village to see the admiring beauty of himalayas. Then reaching towards the laka glacier and lahesh caves trail you can see the area covered with huge snow. Don’t miss out on making a snowman and play with the snow balls to have fun. 

After having such a charming experience, return back to the camping area before night. And have a wonderful dinner which is what you were awaiting for. 

Day 03- Return back to Mcleodganj 

Remember you will not be returning empty, you will take all those beautiful memories with you that you enjoyed in the trek. So that’s all return back to the end of Mcleodganj and this is where your amazing trekking ends. 

Important to carry:

Here are some important things which you require before going for trekking that includes a backpack, water bottle, light torch, trekking shoes, woolen garments since the trek is located over snowy region, sunscreen lotion, prescribed medicines, powerbank, ID proof and the last energy bar which will keep you energised for the whole journey. 

Best time to visit:

The best time to go for laka glacier trekking is ideally in the month of April and May as you can easily enjoy the snow and get chilled with the weather. Before August the snow melts away so it is of no use to go before that. Also when you pass the triund you get to see the shepherd’s meadow around the misty valleys gathered with their sheep. 

So the wait is over: book your tickets and unravel the beauties of nature. We welcome you to this delightful trek. Get yourself ready to experience the wonders of nature and also don’t forget to take pictures with you around the scenic beauty because whenever you look into the pictures it will give you the utmost happiness and will take you back at those times. All you have to do is to trek to the greater heights and add in your life a colorful rainbow by capturing the memories of this trek. 


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