Know About Free online medic for the customers

During covid-19, going out to a doctor for a consultation has become risky. Then how should you consult a doctor in an emergency?


With an increase in cases of covid-19, people have become dependent on the internet for everything. Similarly, buying medicines and consulting doctors have become a huge part of the online market. 


Every other online app has started online consultation with doctors. But, not all apps are effective in delivering the results to the customers. Thus, fewer people trust online medic apps.


Many people don’t trust an online medic app because:

  • Unregistered for e-consultation:


Many online medic apps are not registered under the government to conduct e-consultations with doctors. And safety is a huge reason why people are skeptical about consulting with a doctor on online apps. 

  • Absence of certified doctors:


Not all apps hire certified doctors for consulting with their customers. This makes it hard for the customers to trust an online medic as he might give a false diagnosis. 


The false diagnosis and its given medicine may interfere with the mechanism of the body, which may cause harm to the patients. 


These non-certified doctors may prescribe unsafe or addictive medicines, which may worsen the health situation for the consumer.

  • Prescribes expensive medicines:


An online medic in apps only prescribes those medicines that are available on the respective apps. This in itself isn’t a problem. Many times, medicines available on the app might be expensive for the customers to purchase. Many online medic apps do this to receive more money from the customers while less expensive, equivalent generic or brand medicines of the same medicine are available. 

  • Charges unreasonable amount of money:


Many online medic apps charge an unreasonable amount of money from the customers in a single session. This may demotivate the customer from consulting online with other doctors or apps. 


The lack of safety from going out during this time forces people to go to the same inconvenient medic. But, not anymore! Now you have Truemeds, a safe and registered online medic app made for everyone.


Truemeds is India’s best medicine delivery app that provides a reliable health care environment to its cus

tomers by offering them convenience and safety. It guarantees to reduce the cost of the medicines by up to 72% and supplies medicines from the top 30 Indian manufacturers. This best medicine delivery app delivers quality and cost-effectiveness with its medicines.


Truemeds is the best app for an online medic because:

  • Free service:


The best part about the consultation with doctors of Truemeds is that the service is free of cost! This means the customers can contact doctors for a free consultation anytime and anywhere. 

  • Registered:


The best medicine delivery app is registered under the government of India for conducting online consultation and selling medicines. The app is registered under the RoC-Kanpur.

So, you are safe to consult with doctors about anything and everything. 

  • Only certified doctors:


Truemeds have a large group of certified doctors for online consultations. These doctors have years of experience and are competent to their customers in every manner.


Medicines prescribed by the online medic to the customer are safe to consume and approved by the CDSCO. 

  • No prescription of expensive medicines:


The online medic prescribes medicines that are available on the app and are affordable. The best medicine delivery app does not sell expensive medicines, so all the medicines are easily affordable to the customers.  


You can even contact doctors in case of any issue with medicines or their effectiveness as they are available to clear your issues.

Thus, Truemeds is the best medicine delivery app for customers to consult with an online medic free of cost! 


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