Jeep safari (with a child): is it worth going?

Luxury excursion jeep safari. A sea of ​​adrenaline, vivid impressions, emotions. This excursion is an unforgettable desert adventure and is loved by most tourists.

What is it that pulls us into the sands because we are not children of the desert, like the Arabs? Should you take your kids with you and how to make the adventure for the whole family as comfortable as possible? Now we will tell you about this.

Excursion jeep safari in the UAE

It usually takes about an hour to get to the desert, with a stop at a shop, where they will offer to buy special headscarves that protect from the sand. Often tourists refuse headscarves, as, in the opinion of many, it is unreasonably expensive. They can also bring them to a grocery store. These shops are usually the collection point for all cars, as drivers pick up their passengers directly from the hotels.

In the desert, drivers deflate their tires – this is necessary for driving on the sands, at which time tourists can take pictures. Also, professional photographers can take photos in the desert, the album can then be redeemed.

Then the most exciting part of the program begins – extreme skiing on sandy hills at speed. And to the accompaniment of screeching, screaming and loud Arabic music – inexpressible feelings, there is fear and delight at the same time. 

It takes about an hour in a frantic race across the desert with turns, ups and downs. Then the tourists are set free to relax a little (no one will run away anyway – there is nowhere, there is a desert all around). They give you a ride – sometimes on ATVs, sometimes on boards from the dunes. Usually, drivers like to be photographed with tourists; you can also photograph the sunset from some dune’s height or just admire it.

Depending on the season, if it gets dark early in the desert at this time, then the photo is taken before a dizzying race with tricks.

Then everyone is taken to a stylized Bedouin village – a fenced-in place in the middle of the desert, with camels, falcons, attendants, among whom there are Russian-Ukrainian women, carpets and tables, tents, a stage.

Tourists will enjoy camel riding, belly dance shows, dinner, dressing up and photos in Arabic clothes.

True, a few years ago, the camels were somehow thin, and the tourists took pity on them; they did not go for a drive. Everyone liked dressing up in national clothes, dinner too; it was still possible to get henna tattoos.

In the village, drinks are served in one tent, snacks in the other, tattoos are done in the third, and you can smoke a hookah in the fourth. While everyone is walking around the tents, barbecues are being made on the street at this time. After the kebabs are ready (in about an hour), the fun begins. Various performances are shown on a large round stage – a fire show, belly dance, scarf dance and much more. Tourists enjoy a delicious barbecue and watch the show at the same time. The atmosphere is enchanting – belly-dancing under the starry sky, music, and all this are seasoned with a delicious and plentiful dinner and positive emotions. Delightful.

By the way, about dinner. It is very nourishing and very plentiful – kebabs, barbecue, sauces and seasonings, salads, fruits. You just have to stand in line to put it all on the dish (of your choice). Drinks are also a choice – Cola, Pepsi, water, etc. Alcoholic drinks for a fee. Some tourists wanted to take a beer but refused – then they said that it was unreasonably expensive.

Towards nightfall, all tourists who are tired of entertainment, who have fallen in love with the desert and are very happy, are transported by jeeps to hotels.

A jeep safari excursion can be bought almost everywhere – hotels offer, excursion agencies and even taxi drivers (illegally).

Jeep safari in the Emirates with a child

If you want to take your child with you on this trip, it is best to unite with several families (also travelling with children) and to buy a car just for yourself equipped with the best SUV tyres. If you don’t have off-road SUV tires, you can buy tires online. Then you will not have to worry about anything: the vehicle will be entirely at your disposal. You can agree with the driver about the speed so that there are no very extreme stunts. You don’t have to go to the village later but return to the hotel – although, according to tourists, an excursion without a trip to the village is not entirely complete. You will be confident that you can return at any time. Only these moments (speed, tricks, return at will) need to be discussed with other parents too.

There is no guide on this excursion, only drivers.

Why is it best to buy car seats for several families with children? Our adult tourists, who went to the desert on a jeep safari, were faced with the following situation: travelers sitting in a car wanted extreme, and a mother with a 6-year-old child screamed all the time to slow down, and there were no steep descents and turns. Otherwise, everyone will have the same goals and requirements for the trip.

There are 6 seats in the car for passengers, so you will need to count on this number of people. It is also better to put on the child’s bracelets for motion sickness, stock up on some water and think over clothes depending on the season.

And, of course, take into account the character of your child – there are fearless and active children, and there are impressionable, vulnerable children who are easy to scare. Therefore, the reviews about such an excursion with children are too different – someone liked the child very much, and someone had a child, to put it mildly, not happy.

For adults – adults, if there are no problems with motion sickness, the jeep safari will be remembered as a beautiful adventure. As well as for the sun, sea, beauty, delicious food, shopping and excellent service – all that this eastern, almost fabulous country is rich in.

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