Various Ways to Increase Sperm Count That You should Know

Various Ways to Increase Sperm Count That You should Know

For fertility reasons, men must watch out for various ways to increase sperm count. Until men face issues when impregnating their partner, they aren’t aware that their sperm count is low. Check some of the best natural ways to increase sperm here.

Sperm count measures the presence of an average number of sperm in a semen specimen. During regular semen tests, fertility specialists evaluate sperm count and believe it to be an essential reproductive determinant. Per the most current World Health Organization (WHO) criteria, specialists estimate 15 million sperm per milliliter (ml) or at least 39 million per ejection to be a healthy sperm count.

A sperm count lower than 15 million per milliliter is low to medical professionals and may result in reproductive concerns.

Overall, health specialists feel that variables affecting testosterone levels significantly affect sperm quantity and quality.

Apart from sperm count, sperm morphology also matters. Once such sperm disorder, Teratozoospermia also leads to male infertility. In this condition, more than 85 percent of spermatozoa in sperm have abnormal morphology. In cases of teratozoospermia, conceiving naturally may be difficult. Additionally, fertilization and following embryo development will be almost unattainable in the most extreme situations.

If you are trying to achieve pregnancy and getting no outcomes, you need to assess your sperm count. If low, seek methods to increase sperm count.

What Causes Low Sperm Count?

For fertility, a man’s sperm quality and quantity are essential. Moreover, several variables may impact sperm health, including disease, injuries, lifestyle habits, and age.

  • HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, measles, and mumps may cause irreversible damage to the testicles and cause infertility.
  • A testicular injury might potentially result in infertility.
  • Also, age plays a role in sperm health; as men age, their sperm quantity and quality diminish.
  • Additionally, lifestyle decisions like smoking, alcohol and drug usage might affect sperm health.

A good diet, frequent exercise, and avoiding nicotine, substances, and excessive drinking are strategies to increase sperm count and promote sperm health.

Here are some ways to increase sperm naturally that you can start immediately.

Ten Easy & Natural Ways To Increase Sperm Count

1. Adding antioxidants to your diet

To improve sperm count, consider including antioxidant sources in your diet. So a diet rich in antioxidants may increase sperm quality. Antioxidants are substances that assist in preventing cell damage, and numerous foods contain fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.

According to studies, oxidative stress may harm sperm. Further, this consists of a low sperm count, irregular sperm morphology, and poor sperm movement. Including antioxidants in your diet may enhance these sperm characteristics. Hence, consume more antioxidants to enhance sperm quality.

do meditation to improve sperm count

2. Consume more green to increase sperm count

One of the best things to increase sperm is consuming greens. In addition to providing the body with critical vitamins and minerals, greens include antioxidants that might increase sperm quality.

Further, folate, a vital ingredient for sperm health, may be abundant in greens. Additionally, folate safeguards sperm against DNA damage and increases fertility. To promote sperm health, increase your daily consumption of greens.

3. Quit smoking

If you are a smoker, you need to know that you are affecting your male fertility. Hence, to increase sperm count, you must quit smoking.

Also, smoking destroys sperm DNA, making it challenging for them to fertilize an egg. Additionally, smoking reduces the creation of testosterone, which is necessary for sperm development.

It might take several months for your sperm to overcome the damage due to smoking. However, stopping will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

4. Limit alcohol

Alcohol may impair fertility. Alcohol may impair fertility by affecting the number, size, morphology, and motility of sperm. Further, heavy drinking impairs male fertility by decreasing testosterone, luteinizing hormone levels, stimulating follicle hormone, and increasing estrogen levels, which inhibit sperm formation.

5. Avoiding toxic chemicals for sperm health

Researchers often relate environmental variables like air pollution and exposure to hazardous chemicals to decreased sperm health and count as pollutants grow.

A variety of substances may negatively impact sperm health. So the health of your sperm depends on avoiding these toxins. Men who work in chemical factories or are in an occupation where they get exposed to certain chemicals are at high risk of affecting their fertility. So to increase sperm count, limit your exposure to such toxins.

6. Ashwagandha

The next thing to increase sperm count is Ashwagandha. Males may benefit significantly from Ashwagandha, a fantastic erectile dysfunction remedy. It enhances blood flow to the male genitals by increasing the body’s synthesis of nitric acid. Hence, one may experience increase in sex drive.

Further studies reveal that Ashwagandha root extract may dramatically boost sperm count, mobility, and volume. Additionally, testosterone synthesis increases with the use of this plant.

7. Reduce stress

There is a link between stress and poor sperm health. Sperm count, motility, and morphology may all be affected, and poor semen quality may also be due to stress. Further, a variety of strategies exist for reducing stress and enhancing the health of one’s sperm. Stress reduction is possible through regular physical activity.

Practicing mindfulness and paying attention to your breath are vital components of this technique. Further meditation is also a good option, and relaxation methods may be helpful hence to increase sperm count keep stress away from your life.

exercise to increase sperm in your body

8. Exercise to improve sperm count

It’s crucial to be active for your general health, but it also impacts the health of your sperm. Exercise helps boost sperm quality and quantity, and Weightlifting and outdoor exercises are the most beneficial in enhancing sperm count in a study. Also, to get the health benefits of regular physical exercise, experts recommend getting 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

9. Avoid hot tubs

Because sperm require a certain temperature range, high temperatures in the testicles may compromise sperm survival. So to increase sperm count, avoid hot tubs.

10. Zinc

Strong evidence is that higher zinc levels are linked to larger sperm volume/count and other sperm characteristics. Protecting sperm against harmful effects of pollutants is possible using supplementation such as zinc. According to research, zinc supplementation enhances sperm characteristics and low testosterone levels.

Final Say

So you may include these ways to increase sperm count. If these methods fail or other complications hinder your ability to get pregnant, seek other alternatives to achieve pregnancy.