How to select a Netflix Movie for a Perfect Weekend?

Suppose your friend called you up in the middle of the chilling night in Australia and started shouting with joy that they’re coming the following day and would spend a night out with you, and would like to watch an exciting movie, to cherish the moment. What would you do in such a situation? You will rush to the nearest store to grab some groceries and snacks to eat while watching the movie, with a proper cinema setup in the room, because your friends are coming to meet you after a very long time.

But, wait, you realize that Netflix is geo-restricted outside the US. You would acquire a secured VPN connection for accessing Netflix in Australia because it’s impossible to watch all your favorite series and movies with high quality anywhere except for Netflix and other paid entertainment channels.

So, yes, grab some donuts and coffee as now you’re going to read an exciting guide on the best picks of Netflix you want to watch with your friends on a chilling night, making your overall experience worthy and unique.

Top 5 Amazing Netflix Shows to Enjoy Your Weekend

Let’s start discussing the best picks, as per genre and customers’ feedback, to make your boring night astonishing and arousing.


What else do you want, if you are spending a night with old college friends, and tune in to Netflix for watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S with some quality chicken shots and coffee mocha? Of course, your time will be filled with unstoppable laughter and fun moments because Friends is an ultimate treat to those fond of watching sitcoms, with the optimal amount of fun and laughter stuffed within every scene.

Friends are the best treatment for people who are fond of watching quality shows and their best friends to enjoy a wonderful time filled with joy and laughter. A group of six reckless friends, having their life hassle, and hurdles enjoy every single bit of their lives and indulge in each other’s daily chores in such a way that the audience loved every single bit of it! Although it’s an old series, whenever you connect to Netflix for watching Friends, it’s guaranteed you won’t get bored of watching it!


If your friends are mysteriously invested in watching mystery shows and movies, this one is the perfect one for you to watch with them. You are the best example of true love, a psycho lover who got behind a girl without her consent and then ultimately killed her because she was involved with other people too! It’s purely a psychological series, showing the optimistic kind of love seen in Joe, who falls in love with a girl every season. Right now, two seasons are ruling the Netflix series, and it’s expected the third season will touch the screens in late 2021.

Everyone is excited about what’s going to happen next in the life of Joe, as season 2 ended up with a very mysterious end, that a new girl joins in the neighborhood of Joe, where he shifted with his wife, and they are expecting their first kids!

Money Heist

I guess it’s hard to find someone in the US or any other foreign region unaware of the dramatic series Money Heist having the best amount of drama, fun, love, and friendship emotions between the all main lead characters of the series.

The series revolves around a mysterious genre, a mastermind, the professor, who trains a group of eight people with different capabilities and qualities, which will help him make the Biggest Heist of the Nation successful! The professor plays the central leadership role in the series, although Nairobi stands second in catching the users’ attraction within minutes. You must be thinking, what will happen in the last season, coming the year? For that, you have to watch all the previous episodes, and I would say watching it with your friends is the best possible option.

Little Things

Little things is a light romantic series, showing the story of two young people who are in their late 20s age, who planned to live together in an apartment in Mumbai, working together in different firms to bear the expenses of their daily chores, and in the end enjoy a peaceful time together, with light romance, and of course friendship at the same time.

If you have love birds in your friends’ circle, then it’s the perfect treat for them to enjoy watching this fantastic series and witness a lovely time together.

Emily in Paris

Lastly, I have Emily in Paris, a comedy-drama, showing Emily’s daily life experiences; she is a fun-loving individual, having a hectic routine, where she has to cater to different clients. She is a Marketing Executive in Chicago who is hired to offer an American Perspective to Paris’s marketing firm. That’s where the producers got the name Emily in Paris!

Wrap Up

It’s a wrap! Yes, folks, that’s all for the day, and I hope you enjoyed reading about different series, having a contrasting storyline, so you may choose the best series that best fits your interest and craving movies. If you want to add some other string to the list, please let me know in the comments section.



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