How to organize a wine cellar? Read to know

How to organize a wine cellar? Read to know

Good wine storage is essential whether you’re buying wine to keep for a few years, beginning a wine collection, or already having a well-curated wine cellar with hundreds of bottles. We know it takes a lot of energy and effort to maintain the wine cellar by keeping track of bottles, storing them at suitable temperatures, and placing them in fashionable order. You may prevent opening bottles too early or too late by keeping your wine collection orderly. Additionally, the wine cellar helps you identify the gaps in your wine collection, which enables you to choose wines more wisely. Not to mention that you’ll be able to select wines for special occasions more easily. Consistent humidity levels of 55–75 per cent and a temperature range of 55–59°F (12–14°C) are ideal for wine storage.

Additionally, darkness is essential since ultraviolet light rays can deteriorate wine. Therefore, if you intend to mature wine for more than a year, you need to purchase a wine cooler, rent space in a refrigerated wine storage facility, or build a wine cellar. Your wine collection size and personal preferences will determine how you set up your wine cellar or cooler but for organizing it, follow these tips:


Organize in the form of a grid

Regardless of the size of your collection, a grid system will make tracking and locating bottles simple. Like an Excel spread sheet, assign a letter to each column of wines in your group and a number to each row. Thanks to this, you can record the precise position of every bottle in your collection. The temptation will be a problem! Place the bottles you plan to mature for a long time on shelves or in the back of your wine cooler. That will prevent enthusiastic hands from touching them. Put bottles you plan to drink sooner in more convenient locations.


Organize in the form of their type

Organizing your wines by style is a fantastic choice for wine enthusiasts just beginning to create their collection. If you only have a few wines from each category, classifying wines by white, sparkling, red, rosé, and dessert types is excellent. You can put labels in front of them to make them more organized and put together.


Organize by their cost

If you buy wine at random out of whim and don’t anticipate having more than 200 bottles in your wine cellar, consider sorting by price. This is excellent if you’re new to cellaring and developing your tastes by experimenting with various styles and locales. That way, you would know if you are more into costlier liquor or local brands.


Organize by their blend 

Sort wine blends into categories based on the primary varietal in the blend. Sorting collections by variety works well for medium-sized new world producer-focused collections. Alternately, you might have a separate section only for combinations. If you choose, you might arrange this sizable wine collection according to vintage.


Organize by their country of the region

By the time you have more than 100 bottles in your possession; you most certainly have a collection of wines from various parts of the globe. You now have the choice to arrange your wine collection by area and even further by country. For instance, your wine cooler’s first three to four rows can be taken up by all of your French wines and some by Brazilian or Russian.


Organize by your favorites

All the wines in your cellar couldn’t be your favourite ones as some might be there for your guests. You can organize the wine according to your preference of choice. You can make separate rows for your favourite wine bottles and some rows specifically for guests.