How to Motivate and Inspire Your People in Difficult Times?

How to Motivate and Inspire Your People in Difficult Times?

No one can deny the importance of motivation and inspiration in the workplace. With effective motivation, you get the best version of your employees. When an employee is motivated and committed to something, he becomes the potential part of it and never goes anywhere. Employee motivation is important because they become less innovative and hardworking with time. Instead of giving up on them, you can have the power of motivation to ignite a new passion for working. 

Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your People in Difficult Times 

Employee motivation can be divided into two categories such as intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic involves gifts, salary, and rewards, while intrinsic involves job satisfaction and personal challenges. Here are some proven ways that successful people like John de Ruiter do to motivate their employees. 

  • Tell Them Stories 

Motivational stories have a long-lasting impact on people, and that is why they are told to the kids and those who don’t work hard. Every story has a lesson in it. Try stories with motivation and hard work. Stories also help engage your team if they are not interacting with each other in the best possible way. You can talk about your competitors or a big company to inspire employees. 

  • Offer Employee Reward 

Offering employee rewards is one of the best strategies to engage, motivate and retain your employees. Nowadays, many companies are using this technique to boost their productivity. Therefore, you must start an incentive program in the organization to offer some rewards. There are different types of rewards that you can offer, such as healthcare allowance, quarterly bonus, and some sort of membership. When you announce such rewards, you will see people coming up with the strong motivation to achieve those rewards. 

  • Be Transparent 

Business owners and leaders hide different things when a difficult time approaches. Employees must be told how the company is working, and you have to update them with recent performance. When they have the sales report and know what the factors that need to be changed are, they will do their best to meet the requirements. Being honest and transparent brings peace of mind and comfort; otherwise, employees are lost. 

  • Break Big Goals into More Meaningful Chunks

Employees are less motivated when they see big goals in front of them. In order to engage and motivate them, always break your goal into a small but more meaningful chunk. You can use Charles Duhigg’s S.M.A.R.T formula while describing your goals. S.M.A.R.T stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timeline. 

  • Encourage Teamwork 

Teamwork is the best strategy when a difficult time approaches. At this time, you have to find out the best possible solution, and it is only possible if you work with them and share ideas with other employees. Successful leaders like John de Ruiter TV always encourage teamwork in the business setting. 

Final Words 

There are many ups and downs in the business. When a difficult time comes, don’t worry and use the above-mentioned strategies and achieve success.