How to Maintain Wooden Floors? Tips from Experts

How to Maintain Wooden Floors? Tips from Experts

Wooden floors require proper maintenance. They are elegant, beautiful and last longer if looked after properly. They add value and comfort to your home; most types of wooden flooring are durable and hardwearing.


But they require frequent attention to keep them in pristine condition. There are some tips to maintain hardwood floors for people who are thinking about adding hardwood floors or who want to take care of the pre-existing floor:


Use Humidifiers

Wood tends to shrink in a humid environment and expand in the winter season. Humidifiers are used to minimise these gaps.

Humid conditions can lead to the growth of moulds on hardwood, especially in the basement area where there is no proper ventilation and sunlight.


Avoid Spike-Heels

Heels can damage the wooden floor by denting it. Spike heels and shoes can rupture the surface of the wood.

Avoid wearing heels in your house where there is a wooden floor.


Use Doormats

Place rugs or mats near the door to get rid of dirt and debris from entering your home. Dust can accumulate on the surface, and it is hard to scrape off sometimes, so it is better to avoid it by using doormats and carpets.


Trim the Nails of Your Pet

If you have a pet at home like dogs and cats who roam about in house most of the time, then you need to get their nails trimmed, and paws cleaned to get rid of stains and scratches.


Avoid Liquid Cleaners

Avoid using water, wet or steam mop, tile cleaners, oil soaps, paste wax to clear your hardwood floors. They contain lemon and citrus that dulls the surface, and excess usage can damage the wood.


Use microfiber mop or cloth to wipe the hardwood floor since they use static electricity to trap dust or other allergens.


Vacuum the Floor

Vacuuming cleaning can absorb the tiniest particles of dust that accumulated on the floor. Using entirely squeezed cloth once a week can clean the gaps and pieces of hardwood.


Polish the Floor

Polishing renews the finish of hardwood flooring. It can be done to fill in microscopic scratches and even out floor’s protective surface. You can polish the hardwood floors once in a few months.

Use buffing and not acrylic wax as it may dull the surface and make it slippery.


Wipe the Spill

Tea or Coffee spills should be immediately cleaned with a soft and dampened cloth; otherwise, it leaves stains that will be hard to clean later on.


Remove Sticky Stuff with Ice

Don’t think of scratching sticky things like chewing gum and wax from your hardwood floor. Apply ice to harden them and then scrape it off using a plastic scraper.


You have to be careful while implementing these tips. If you are not confident enough to maintain your hardwood floors all by yourself, then you can opt for flooring professionals who can make it easy for you to maintain them.