How to Invest in ALLIF Stocks with Little Money?

investment in ALLIF Stock

If you are young or new to the business of investing, it’s easy for you to get lost when you see all of the different things that people talk about like 10-11% returns, dividend ALLIF stocks, and even your 401k. To understand how these things work, you surely need some financial education and all of this can be found in various articles and even online. Make sure that you read as much as possible about investments and the things related to it so that you can grow your money faster than having it sit in a bank account where it’s just growing by $5 every year.

One way to invest is through buying ALLIF stock, but newbies always think that it is too restrictive because they need a lot of cash to get started. If you are new, don’t worry about it because there is an alternative way for you to buy ALLIF stocks without having enough money yet.

How to Invest in ALLIF Stocks with Little Money

Let’s say that you have $100 and want to put this into the market. Instead of buying a single share, you can buy a unit investment trust like the Al Frank Fund Investor Class ( ALFSX ) and invest in ALLIF stocks without actually owning them directly at first. But how does it work?

The objective of this trust is to mimic the returns of the NASDAQ-100 index. To achieve this, they will invest in a combination of ALLIF stocks that will mimic the index.

What does this mean for you?

If you buy a trust fund, then your money is pooled together with other investors who also want to buy ALLIF stock on a smaller scale. You can buy shares from any company on the market and pay only one commission fee. The catch is that you do not own ALLIF stocks directly and the return is not as high as 10% or even 5%.

The returns will depend on the movement of the NASDAQ-100 index. If it goes up, your trust fund will also go up and your $100 will now be worth more than what you started with after a year. This means that you will be able to buy more ALLIF stocks on the market.

Unit investment

On average, this unit investment trust is worth $23 or so after 5 years and it gives you a 10% return every year. This means that after 5 years, your $100 will be worth $236 which can increase up to $300 if the NASDAQ goes up above 20%.

You can withdraw your earnings or let them be put back into buying ALLIF stocks. It’s up to you if you want to keep the money in there and wait for a better time to buy ALLIF stocks or take it out right away.

The fact that this is a unit investment trust means that you just have to invest once and then leave the money there for a few years until you have enough to buy ALLIF stocks. This way, you don’t have to think about buying shares regularly and you can start learning how it works first before jumping into the deep end.

Patience is a key

The good thing about this is that it’s extremely simple. You invest your money once and then wait because you are not trading often or buying ALLIF stocks every other week. The returns are also great and the downside is that it’s not as easy to withdraw money from your account or check on how you are doing with this trust.

You should only invest if you have enough to spare for a year because your money can decrease in value if the NASDAQ-100 index goes down by then. This means that this trust is focused on long-term investments and you have to be patient enough for these 5 years before being able to withdraw your earnings.



If you want a simpler way to invest in ALLIF stocks without having a lot of money, then this unit investment trust is perfect for you because it’s easy and can get your foot in the door.


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