How to Fix the ‘Traffico Anomalo Google’ Error Message

If you see the “Traffico Anomalo Google” error, it could show up because of your active proxy connection, even if the request you requested is not strange at all. They believe that Google systems automatically detect robots or viruses. If users search for a keyword on Google, you send a request to the server that responds to your request. However, if requests are sent too speedily, Traffico Anomalo Google will appear on your screen.

Strange Traffic Detected or Traffico Anomalo Google

This problematic notification may be related to some of the features discussed above, but initially related to your proxy or virtual private network software, browser configuration and more. This problematic notification is not because of the Google is monitoring your behavior or network, but it is important to note that this is a protocol created by Google.

Refer to requests sent to Google services using the standard traffic-standard tools in case you are not aware of the situation. These queries are automatically handled with error message to avoid traffic.

Please remember in case you regularly use Google search, you will need to double-click to confirm yourself as an authentic Google user or human using a verification Captcha. If you have not already done so, check the following and you will get an error message again.

What are the Causes of Error Traffico Anomalo Google?

As mentioned above, there are several possible causes for this error.

  • VPN Connection

Many people often see an error when utilizing a virtual private network connection. This is very usual and you need to disable VPN to fix the Traffico Anomalo problem.

  • Malicious Content in Your Device

On several occasions an error message may appear in your system due to malicious content. Even though, it is still possible to be so clear.

  • Browser Settings

The internet surfing app you use to access and search the site also contributes a key role in creating the error, abnormal traffic Google. On several occasions third-party targeting add-ons may be added to your browser.

  • Ensure Your Network is Good

Your connection to the network sometimes causes errors. If you do access a social network, you will get a size dependent error from accompanying appliances.

You have a clear image of what the error is, so let’s talk about ways to fix it. You should obey the subsequent suggestions to solve the problem.

How to Get Rid of Traffico Anomalo Google

1.  Turn of Your VPN

If you do use a proxy or VPN for the time you see this issue, try disconnecting the VPN connection and see if that solves the problem. VPNs often cause similar problems when you use Google search. So you need to disable VPN if you want to avoid the error.

In case the problem is with your PC or laptop, you should use a recovery feature that can clear the storage space and replace damaged and lost files. This usually works when the problem is caused by a system failure.

2.  Restore Browser Settings to Their Defaults

Additional third-party installations may cause similar problems with your browser settings. In this case, restore the browser original settings to obtain the original arrangement.

You can fix this problem on Mozilla Firefox as follows:

  • Hit the Alt key to activate the menu.
  • Click on the option that says Help.
  • Now select the option that reads, Troubleshooting Information under that window.
  • Click the “Update Firefox” option to restore Firefox. Firefox Update

Here’s how to fix the Google Traffico Anomalo issue on Chrome:

  • Open the menu by clicking the 3 vertical points situated in the upper right side on Chrome’s window.
  • Visit the Settings and click on “Show Advanced Settings” below.
  • Go to the “Reset Settings” icon to restore browser original settings.
  • Now please restart the Chrome to observe the changes.

3.  Reboot the Appliance

In case the previous method did not fix this problematic notification, restart your whole desktop or laptop. If the problem persists after restart, restart the router. Restarting the router can solve this problem.

4.  Scan and Remove Viruses

As mentioned before, there are very few error messages due to infected items on your device. In this case, check with the Defender inbuilt tool or a third-party anti-virus program on your appliance and remove the viruses. Once you remove all lethal viruses and apps from your computer, Google will no longer show you the Traffico Anomalo Google error message.


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