How to find wholesale video game suppliers

If you want to start selling games online, the first thing you need to do is find a video game distributor. These vendors will allow you to buy games at wholesale prices that you can sell for a profit. Without suppliers, you have no business because you have nothing to sell.

Video game distributors get large quantities of consoles, games, and accessories directly from manufacturers at very low prices. Retailers and game stores buy their products from distributors so they can make huge profits. Find a video game distributor that allows you to replace retailers and make a profit for yourself.

The websites of Microsoft, Sony, and other major game companies have the names of some of their video game distributors. You can use it to contact suppliers so you can start your own business selling game. However, many of these companies have stricter requirements about who they sell their games to.

 The bulk video game distributor prefers to keep their contact information secret so that it is only open to “industry insiders”. This allows for fewer rules and restrictions on purchases from them. However, the information is still available if you know where to look. You can go to your local electronics or entertainment store and ask for the names of their suppliers.

The best way to reach wholesale video game distributors is to talk to someone who has started their own video game business. They can tell you how to get a provider, even if you’re just starting out. That’s much easier than contacting a distributor and expecting a positive response, especially if you can’t afford to buy a lot of inventory. Many of these people have also published guides to help game vendors and distributors communicate and help them start their own businesses.

Buying a discount video game

You can make a lot of money buying and reselling video games in bulk if you know what you’re doing. This can be frustrating when you are trying to find a real video game supplier and you find a lot of fakes and high prices from fake game distributors.

The problem ends when you find games that sell well but you can’t buy them low enough to make a profit. A lot of people end up buying a gaming list. Be careful with these listings, most of which are a waste of money as they are rife with vendors that have gone out of business or have outdated contact information, and many offer video games. Cheap is not a legitimate source.

Since you get good prices when you buy in bulk, it is crucial that you have purchasing power. Three important rules for buying discount video games.

  1. Make sure you know what your market wants. What are game systems and games that are hot and what are not selling well?
  2. Find out about your bulk video game distributor. Make sure they offer authentic genuine products.  If they are a good provider, they will want to help you succeed. Some will provide more details, tools, and training on the video game business. Take advantage of these tools, the more you learn, the less likely you will make those costly mistakes.
  3. When you know which game you want to sell, how much to buy and how much profit you will earn, you need a business plan to promote your product. Where will you sell the product? Amazon, eBay, or your own website? Either you might have a brick-and-mortar store or you might be thinking of selling at a local flea market.

These may sound like simple tips and they are, but it starts with the basics. Now that you have these three ground rules, why not start your path to success today?