How to Ensure Car Transport Company is Qualified to Move Car

How to Ensure Car Transport Company is Qualified to Move Car

When you are shifting from your current residence to another faraway home, it’s not feasible to transport your car or bike by driving it over such a long distance. Thus, you need a Vehicle Transportservice to transport your vehicle safely to your new home. 

Dedicated companies are offering Bike and Car Transportation Services.Some packers and movers offer shifting services for household goods and vehicles. The key is to find a suitable vehicle shifting service qualified to transport your expensive car or bike without damaging it.

Consider the following points when searching for a Car or Bike Carrierto deliver your vehicle to the doorsteps of your new home.

Legitimate Company 

There are many entities in India offering Car Shiftingservices. In this scenario, opting for a legal transporter is imperative. The company must be registered and possess valid licenses and permits as the law requires.

A Vehicle Transport company must have a car transporter license and transport permit. In addition, it must have a company registration certificate and GST registration. It is incumbent upon you to ensure that the company possesses all these valid documents. 

It is not advisable to leave your car in the custody of a vehicle transport company that does not have the proper licenses and registration certificates. Safe and efficient vehicle transportation can be ensured by a legitimate company only.

Auto Broker or Carrier or Company 

Auto broker liaise with the Car Transportation Serviceson your behalf. The broker is an intermediary between you and the vehicle transportation service; you do not deal directly with the service. The broker finds a car transportation service per your requirements and schedules the pickup and delivery of your car or bike.

Car or Bike Carrier owns a fleet of trucks for transporting vehicles. The carrier can own one more type of truck. In this type of vehicle transportation, terminal-to-terminal service is provided. It means you must drive your car or bike to the pickup terminal, which is loaded on the truck and delivered to the terminal at the final location where you need to collect the vehicle.

A Vehicle Transport Companyoffers comprehensive services for vehicle shifting. Your vehicle is picked up from your doorstep and delivered to your new address. The company provides monitoring of your vehicle during transit and other kinds of assistance.

It is better to opt for a company offering complete Car Shiftingservices to ensure that your car is transported without any hassle and effort.

Type of Transport Vehicle 

Good Car Transportation Servicesoffer both multi-vehicle open car carriers and closed car carriers. The presence of both types of transport vehicles in the fleet is necessary to cater to the needs of all kinds of customers.

Open car carriers are economical and best suited for customers with limited budgets. A vehicle loaded on an open car or Bike Carrieris exposed to dust and weather elements such as rain or snow. However, a reputed car transport company would always implement measures to protect the vehicle against the weather elements.

Closed car carriers keep the vehicles sheltered against the dust and grime from the road and weather elements. Closed carrier is an expensive option with charges going up to as much as 40%-60% of the cost of an open carrier. 

A closed carrier is a suitable option for Vehicle Transport, especially for super luxury cars, which need extra care because the level of protection is maximum. However, an open carrier is suitable if you are looking for an economical option.

Transportation Charges 

Car Transportation Servicescharge their customers based on various factors such as distance to be covered, type of carrier, value-added services if opted for, GST and insurance. Your right is to ask the company to provide a price breakup of the quote. 

Different Vehicle Transport companies provide varied price quotes for the same requirements. Thus, compare price quotes of different companies given their services to arrive at the best deal.

Before hiring a Car or Bike Carrier, ensure that there are no hidden charges and be clear about the final pricing.

Customer Service 

The Car Shifting service must have an active customer support team. Customer support must be able to resolve issues and answer queries with alacrity.

Good track record 

The Vehicle Transport Companymust have a track record of successful deliveries without delays. To this end, check the customer reviews and experience and expertise of multiple companies to make a choice.


Car Transportation Serviceshave made transporting vehicles over long distances very smooth. However, you need to ensure that you only shell out money for safe and efficient car or bike transportation.