How Technology is Seizing Your Mind


Have you ever wondered how technology is befooling you?

Is it hijacking your mind and diverting it in such a way that you keep yourself busy by leaving all your work? If you still have not realized, then read this blog. In this blog our GotoAssignmentHelp experts will tell you the effect of technology in your mind.

Whenever we use technology, we always focus on its positive effects and consider it as a useful tool. But we do not realize that instead of helping us it is just doing the opposite.

How Does Technology Exploit Our Minds?

Now-a-days we consider our smartphones as our best friends. Instead of conversing with people face-to-face we prefer to keep ourselves busy on our smartphones. But do you know your smartphone is controlling your mind? With the advent of new technologies we get a lot of applications to use. By doing this, tech companies are actually hijacking not only your minds but also society too. As much as technology is being used to accumulate people under an umbrella, streamlining work and enhancing our quality of life, more than it is destroying our humanity by its digital devices.

This is the proper time to recognize it, and make you aware to get rid off from the addiction of technology.

Is Technology the best invention of the era?

In the present era, it is very difficult to say that technology is doing more harm than helping us. As now-a-days it’s widespread usage and our economy is totally dependent on it.

In a survey it is found that most of the people prefer that the internet is the best invention ever. If you check the consumption list, you will notice that in the present day more people are using smartphones whether he/she is young or aged than the past few years. 1/5th of the world’s population are using Facebook to spend their leisure time and for various purposes. There are many people who use it for their business purpose but most of the people use it as a tool to build friends. The more you use these applications the more these companies earn profit.

If you want to know the reason then we can’t say any specific reason. There are various reasons regarding this:

  1.   Present day most of the people can easily afford to buy data packs. Besides this, mobile devices enable us to have constant connectivity with the users and engage us in it no matter whether you are busy or not.
  2.   Speedy internet connection has given rise to a plethora of download options. By doing so, people, especially the young generations keep them busy.
  3.   Those things which people used to do before the advent of the internet like playing offline games, reading books, news etc; with the advent of internet it has become easier and faster.
  4.   Besides these, social media platforms have given us the opportunity to reunite with family, relatives and friends.

These all things are just a way to keep you busy on the internet instead of doing some fruitful work. The effect of the internet on children is more harmful than what we can imagine. Parents give smart phones to their children to track them in case of an emergency. But most children keep themselves busy in it without completing their work. It makes them self-centred.

There are many people who have tried to curb their usage of the internet and smartphones but there are very few people who have become successful. If you become aware of the catastrophe, then only you can control your mind.

After reading the whole blog I hope you will get a clear idea of it. If still you have doubts regarding this you can take help from our thesis help experts. For more updates log on to our official website and check the necessary details to keep in touch with them.

Author Bio

Isla Rose completed her Bachelors in Journalism from RMIT University, Australia. Presently, she works as a content writer at GotoAssignmentHelp and assists students with their academics. Event management and sound engineering have always been two of her interest areas.


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